Monday, December 28, 2009

Socialism dam it, TSA is socialism

Why are we using government money to pay for security screening at airports? Let the airlines pay for that. If I invite you into my car for a ride and something horrible happens, I am responsible. Give me money to transport you and the culpability for any deaths increases. Just sayin'.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It is not how long you live, but how broad

Many years ago, 1975 to be correct I met a man who lived across the alley from me in Taos, NM and spent many a day talking with him and discussing life's trivial's and just today I walk into a Mexican restaurant in Williston,Vt. and I see a poster or print, I am not sure, of his hanging over the fryolator and ask the owner why they would subject a piece of art to such cruel duty and be just a point of interest and he tells me that he bought it at a local frame shop and just hung it up because it looked good. It reveals to me how quick someone's specter in society fades. Here is a man who drew some beautiful prints and it ends up as a point of interest over a fryolator in an abscure Mexican food joint in a state 1600 miles from his home. Did not know him well, but knew him back then in the day and spent many an afternoon drinking brandy and beer at his casa just across the alley in Taos from Mike O'Conner's house, another friend of mine.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Homeless Shelters Always Need These 2 Things

Trust me, I know from personal experience. I just dropped off 2 jugs of coffee and 2 bags of sugar. Costs me $24.00 and gave me a bazzzillion dollars worth of happiness.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Priorities are messed up and so is our thinking...

Just thought...

$45.4 Billion Spent on Pets: Where’s The Money Going?

Pet loving consumers have ensured that the pet industry’s projected sales of $45.4 Billion in 2009 have not been slashed by the Bear market. According to the American Pet Product Association, there is hardly a scratch to be seen in spending on pets as all 5 categories have increased over 2008 numbers. While high-end specialty stores will see profits decline, there are gains in spending on quality foods, beds, and leashes. Value for money is what the public will be looking for in 2009/2010.

TORRINGTON — City programs that serve the city’s homeless population will be the beneficiary of nearly $400,000 in grant money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Torrington Housing Authority will receive two grants totaling $229,680, while the Torrington Community Housing Corporation will receive $95,735. The state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services will also direct $73,080 toward fighting homelessness in the city.

HUD allocated a total of $28.8 million in grants to Connecticut, which will be spread to 129 homeless assistance programs across the state. A total of $1.4 billion in grants will be distributed nationwide

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

53 Weeks and my first commenter

I really want to thank this guy for setting the hook that still resides in my throat and keeps my interest in doing this. I do not know how he found me and I feel lucky he did because I had no idea how big the blogisphere was when I wrote those first words and damn some guy from Colorado took the time to hit some keystrokes to give my words credence. Thanks One Fly, Have a Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and thanks for finding me that day 53 weeks ago.



One Fly said...

There was time when all this stuff was done by dealers as part of the process of selling used cars at least where I grew up. I drive well taken care of used cars with records. The past four have been Subys. It's a long story but I drive these things very cheaply- the last was .03 per mile.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone Has Decided We Can't Handle The Truth

Oh please MR. whoever in owned our corporate owned media world for sheltering the truth of what actually happens when you drink and drive. It's all about the PSA's with some policeman puffing out their chest on the teevee and "telling" us what they will do to Americans who drink and drive. Look at how we are protecting you is their message.

How about approaching it from a different angle and show the truth of what happens and let "us" decide. Oh No can't let that happen because then we loose some of our power over you asshat drivers who without our ability to "tell" you how fast to drive, not drive drunk, with bald tires etc. would kill yourselves at rates associated with nuclear bombing sites. We would also loose some of our power over you and go back to the days when policemen and policewomen were about protect and serve and that is so boring. They enjoy the power angle, only human nature.

Now look at these 2 ads and tell which one does better job of convincing you to not drink and drive.

Guess which one is not on American teevee?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do U Have Driver's License? Watch This!!!

The TAC in Australia put this together and it is compiled from all of their ads over the years. Seeing as the holiday season is upon us and you know how it is with the libations. If this saves one life I'll be happy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Own My Vote Do You?

Just wathced the president's speech and went to Fox, MSNBC, and a few others and they were all picking apart the speech and pointing out this and that they disagreed with and I am one who is sick and fucking tired of everyone picking and choosing their values on a daily basis so that they can feel better about themselves.

I voted for Barack and I own my vote. He is presented with a set of facts with which he makes decisions every day and most of the facts are unknown to you and I. I trusted him to do what he believes is right. He does not have the luxury of twisting in the wind and governing based on public opinion swayed by the media's penchant for ad dollars.

Christ almighty, grow up and own your vote.

I don't like alot of what he has been doing but I believe that there is reason he is doing what he is doing.

I always like to say to naysayer's...

I like the plan you put forth better.

STFU and read a good book!

All of this bloviating and hand wringing and posting this and that does nothing but assuage your own inability to accept your vote and own it.

I knew that when I pulled that lever and voted, I was giving him 4 years to decide what is best for our country and until his time is up and I need to decide on who is next, I am going to believe.

I have made my decision and I am sticking to it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

USA Today Is Out To Get Obama

This was sent to me by someone I work with who... you understand.

This is what is going on in America and the corporate guys are "gunning" for Obama, behind the scenes fomenting of fright and discontent. Hearst owns USA Today and what seems like an innocuous article cranks up the crazy in many.

Second Amendment. The framers of our Constitution knew that an armed citizenry would be the only protection/obstacle against tyranny. Our current and previous administrations have been trying to chip away at this deterrent to tyranny for decades. Please voice your support of the Second Amendment. This poll is old but still accepting votes so please Vote YES now. Thank you! ke

Obama's new Attorney General, Eric Holder, has already said this is one of his major issues..
This takes literally 2 clicks to complete. Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today. It will only take a few seconds of your time... Then pass the link on to all the pro gun folks you know. Hopefully these results will be published later this month. This upcoming year will become critical for gun owners with the Supreme Court accepting the District of Columbia case against the right for individuals to bear arms.

Here's what you need to do:
First - vote on this one.
Second - launch it to other folks and have THEM vote - then we will see if the results get published.

The Question is:
"Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?"

Click on the link below and PLEASE vote Yes!

Here's the link, go vote.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Democrat's Move Right And Republican's Move

Go ahead to 5:00 and listen to what he says about his not being satisfied by any of the recent Presidents. This s defining statement for me. I'm not happy and neither is he and we are diametrical opposites politically. But like I posted previous. We are going to come together in a common cause. US! vs the ruling class. When I say US I mean anyone who is not an elected official who we [US} feels they [elected folks] do not have our best interest at heart. Sucks to be them...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Barack Obama Vetoes Health Care Reform Bill

Here is how I see what is going on in with HCR. Obama is a smart [google must be republican because however you spell his name it is always underlined with red dots like it is wrong] and he knows a good HCR bill from a bad one.He is not signing a bad bill, no let's just get something bill, and what he envisions will set free many dollars presently going to the insurance companies will be used to provide a stimulus to our economy. He is going to wear them down, gladly display for all to see, regardless of party affiliation or religious view and make all of them smaller in the process. Those that take the bribes that all of the corporate cash couched as political donations provides those that decide. It is a battle of whose fortitude endures and can stand the scrutiny from the thousand points of light showered upon those that take who lie, promote the lies and all of the rest of what can be properly described as crazy and illogical. When there are people who have no health insurance protesting getting health care they have won the battle but not the war. Obama might seem disengaged but he has a larger plan and HCR is just the start. When it [HCR] passes it will comport to his liking and allow him to change America in many more ways. Think Pentagon, overseas bases, our crumpling bridges and roads, telecommunications, and all of the things each and everyone of us knows need fixing. This a battle he can't afford to lose because it sets up the the house and the senate as pawns of those that really control them for all of America to see.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to home...

As some of you know I just recently, a year ago, moved from where I lived for 28 years in Vermont to my home town across Lake Champlain in northern New York. I have often, of late wondered why.

After a surprise divorce from someone I loved and thought I would be with forever had a restraining order put upon me and I guess had reason of her own to do so. I wallowed for a while and drank the self pity juice and the one thing that came out of it is that I went and got my commercial driver's license and went looking for a job doing something I had always wanted to do, yet never had the freedom to do driving a semi back and forth across this great country. I scoured the online ads for jobs and ended up driving to Nashville and interviewing for a job at Western Express, a national trucking company.

The hours of the driving are enjoyable as long as you provide yourself entertainment and one of the ways was music. I discovered this band one day on Sirius Radio and bought many of there CD's and this song was, and still is one that I can listen to for not only the tune, but also the words.

Maybe after hearing it a thousand time or more, I am home. Influenced by a group from Oklahoma. I don't know, but it works for me. Here it is, and listen to the words.

It was pretty easy to call this one...

Monday, June 15, 2009
Concentrated Hate And Violence

What we are witnessing in our country is the result of those few people who buy into the hate and misinformation agenda promoted by not only politicians, but also certain media outlets that rely on these unthinkers for votes and money. As they become more isolated by their political and religious opinions and feel and think that someone is out to change their lives they will be like corn mash distilled into grain alcohol. Easily ignited into action against those perceived as being the problem, whatever it might be and they will react in irrational ways that you and I would never consider. Recent actions by these people are just the beginning.

The only solution is a ratcheting down of the poor loser attitude on the right on our television sets, newsprint and internet (like that's gonna happen). So expect it to get worse and more violent. It really saddens me that there are people who put their zeal for control and power ahead of the good of our country. What are your thoughts?
Posted by What we do at 7:01 PM
Labels: saddensox News Rupert Murdoch

If You Thought the Housing Meltdown Was Bad…

Go and read this...looks like some people are gonna get their ass' kicked.

Monday, November 9, 2009

They Gave It All...

Stuff we baby boomer car folks forgot

For all of you young'ns out there this is pretty simple. Not to disparage anyone, but back in the day b4 right side mirrors having a disclaimer on them that read, "objects in mirror might be closer than you think" there were actual plain glass mirrors that depicted real images to you on your starboard side. This the one of two that existed. The West Coast Mirror. If you had something you towed and were creative you could extend the aluminum tubing out as far as you wanted to see around what ever you were towing. Then came the plastic tow mirrors and you know I never saw this coming, but the manufacturer's have no idea how many people could make use of these today. No wonder they are struggling. You put 10,000 pounds behind a 1/2 ton pickup and to not have an adequate view of what happening behind and this creates a dangerous situation waiting to happen What is strange is that the more we progress and shed items of the past the value of some of these items is clearly evident and their re-introducion would be beneficial.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sale Of Brain Cells In Washington Continues

This is bad, very bad for our country. The Republican party has a problem with intelligence and it is getting worse. I know that getting elected is expensive, but selling brain cells is not something I thought was even possible and it looks like these valuable cells must bring a high price on the human organ black market. These guys and gals better be careful about how far down they draw the number of brain cells they started life with, because as anyone knows, very stupid is not something to be played with. Oh, they'll be taken care of as their mental capacity declines because they have health care that is only available to them at rates you and I would dream of and they'll get their retirement money from the socialist government they railed against. With all of their now long lost mental abilities gone and sit by the window looking out at the grass growing, without a care in the world. They will be taken care of by those of us who value life, our brothers and sisters and those in our country who are less fortunate and even though their condition was self imposed, still they won't be put before any death panel and left to die in the wilderness. Because those of us who did not sell our brain cells for cash still have the ability to reason...

Don't worry John, we got your back.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doug (Palin) Hoffman

This guy has issues with government in general. He's made alot of money and I am suspect how he made it, here in the Lake Placid there are less than 5000 permanent residents and those that are here have to be very creative to make the kind of money that Doug has over the years, VERY CREATIVE!

There are also many second hone owners who live here, many with lots of money and if you desire to travel in the right circles you can meet and greet people who have great wealth and hold the view that based on where you live, far away from the environment of Bernie Madoff, you must be an honest fellow and know how to make a living on alot less than people elsewhere, thrifty.

Throw in a little success, add a little contact with folks with money and viol la, somehow this guy is worth a million.

Just search around the web in the coming days and you will see many of the things I found today and for a guy to open 21 businesses in an area with this number of residences is cause for some kind of IRS audit. He's very proud of it, I just watched him say it. Hell, 21 businesses is half of Main Street in this town. I'm sure they all make money? Tax loss? Scamming the Gov't? Sound familiar?

LOOK, I have not lived here for 28 years, but I grew up here and the area is constricted by the Adirondack Park Agency and so the town today is a little larger than it was when I left but the financial circumstances are the same with seasonal work for some, low pay for most and a few that amass huge sums of money. Most gained honestly and earnestly. Some not so much.

I have been driving by Hoffman Auto
for many years wondering how he could pay the taxes and keep the light on. I drove by today and he has no cars for sale just like every other time. Yet it's still there. How? They, him and his son have a towing service. That might explain it.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Confluence Of Left And Right

Think about this.

The right fears the left and the left fears the right.

But when neither gets what they desire from from our elected officials will we merge?

I think we will.

Another Thing I Will Not Be Getting

Here is the thing.

I'm still holding out hope that we get a really good health care bill passed but I have started to come to the conclusion that I not going to get as much as I wanted. The reality is that you do not turn an aircraft carrier on a dime and the long slow turn that might end up heading the ship in the direction I want might take awhile, years actually, and I'm OK with that.

What upsets me most is that like Alan Grayson says, "people are dying every day due to lack of health care services".

So the insurance companies wear me down emotionally and make me accept less than I hoped for and so it goes.

The only person I can count on is me. Not that there are not many who feel like I do but over time they are at the mercy of their emotions and circumstances.

This would be an appropriate time for me to say lets all get together and pray but but it would much more productive to...

watch this!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bomb Dropped On Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's the deal. (added 10/31/09 This is what I hope happens I guess a reality bomb went of near me today)

The current HCR (health care reform) bill is so lousy and expensive so watch the roll out over the next four weeks as to just how much it will cost all of those who have no insurance and it's mandatory sanctions.

This is far from over, Barack is going to make the insurance companies spend so much money fighting the inevitable HCR that we all want he will win.

Remember the current process is not of his doing and is what another branch of government has proposed.

He only asked the legislative branch to come up with a solution to deal with HCR.

He is going to drop the hammer around turkey day and when families are getting together around Thanksgiving and Christmas and no doubt the subject of HCR will be bantered about and the mandated expense of buying insurance causes people to think about the money they must send to insurance companies to be able for themselves, their children or parents to see a doctor manifests the reality bomb of goes off.

Aces over eights!

Single payer here we come!

Again! Here is how we get single payer

I posted this last month and call me crazy, but...

It is actually very simple. Propose that anyone who presently has no health coverage be forced to BUY insurance from Cigna, United Health Care, Blue Blue/Blue Shield or whatever insurance company controls the portion of their state where they live and if they do not then there will me monetary penalties for not doing so. The uprising of people, who for whatever reason don't presently have coverage due to age,young and willing to take the risk, middle age where their employer might not offer any or the cost is to high and those that are just willing to roll the dice and go to the emergency room and worry later about paying or not, would put the folks we saw in August at the town halls and other events look very small. I'd bet that polling of mandated coverage will come in at 80/20% against it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Front Lines Of A War

Oh. I'm sure some (guess?) folks will say the posts on his website were made up and designed to make his point, but?

They cannot deny the reality that they most likely are not.

It saddens me that some put money ahead of life.

If You Want to hear and see more of Grayson's dissertation on the evils of our governments inability to protect us from the people who are killing "Americans" every day just go to the utube and watch. I've seen enough!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aces Over Eights

Kinda Like Duct Tape And Plastic Wrap

These are the averages of those that get infected and die.

Are you surprised?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Laws Are How We Roll HCR Soon To Be Law

The passage of a public option is important because it codifies the ability of our government to be involved in providing health care.

Precedent set.

Just imagine the amendments that might occur to the law over the next 4 years to get to single payer and provide all of us with what we want today.

All good things take time.

These amendments will be voted on and passed just like that new bridge or new rail station going up in your town that was passed late on a November night when the people in Washington were anxious to get home for the holidays.

Oh! I,m sure that they will speed a few things up that play to the voters and maybe provide health care for some of those without to insure reelection but the majority of the long term benefits will occur over the next 4 years insuring a Democratic majority for years.

Genius I'm tellin' you. He's good, hell he's great!

Now all we do is make sure public option gets voted into law.

He's taken that knife out of his back, yeah that knife, and sharpened the point so it goes in painlessly.

More Ingersol


Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Wizard of AARP

read this

Yeah Like This Is News

Republicans bash Dems over health care proposals

very lame, very lame!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Religion Flow Chart

h/t Holy Taco

Dave Chappelle's Favorite Family

One of my favorite clips from his show.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Will The White House and Representative Yeild?



Maine can get theyah from heyah Phillips help

This is so touching and prescient to what we are doing as a country. We don't know it all, this man proudly displays what he knows and we must learn from his experience. Those that have walked the path of life are our most important assets. He is a Republican and i respect him for his views. Who wouldn't? Rational, respective and speaking like an American.

Ingersoll! He gets it right

Daily dose of Ingersoll. Great reading.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We've got a self made emergency on our hands!!!

This is the bridge that connects our region to our neighbors in Vermont and now it is closed making 3500 cars a day look for alternative ways to cross the lake. The states of Vermont and New York have known about it's poor condition for years and applied band aid solutions to whatever popped up all of a sudden every couple of years.

Two years ago the state of New York started rebuilding the pier and monument the is in the state park on their side to the tune of 2 million Georges and I remember crossing over the bridge and thinking that maybe the money would be better spent on the bridge. Well?

Is this happening in your area? Find out before you are in our position. Jobs are being lost, business' will close and the press conferences and newspaper articles will not provide 1 GD dollar for those effected by poor planning and inaction by our elected officials.

Get ready America. If you live in a rural area away from the masses of people who choose to live where all of the big box stores are. This could be your next crisis.

The bridge is 80 years old and made of steel. Not todays steel, but 81 year old steel and it has done it's job and more but our politicians were more concerned about rebuilding a monument than making sure that somebody who lives in Vermont and works in New York can get to work. "eyes off the ball" do little justice to those people.

It is certainly going to be a lesson in how government works over the next several weeks.

read below and you will get a better picture.

So under the heading, seemed like a good idea at the time we have this.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just How Committed Are We To Saving Oil?

My intentions were right but my research was wrong. Motor oil is a by product of the refinement process for gasoline and so we still need to focus on the ways to reduce our gasoline usage. Shucks!

A customer came in today and picked up their new car and while I was reviewing the service schedule with them I was struck as to like the teabaggers and the birthers many well intentioned folks have a difficultly in changing years old habits and are recalcitrant to change.

Ford recommends that you change your oil under most operating conditions every 7500 miles and it would be reasonable to think that this is a conservative view of just how long an engine today can go without changing the oil. Read this.

The reason I bring this up is that if everyone who bought a new car or truck started changing oil at 7500 miles instead of 3000, how much oil could we save. How about 10 million barrels a year. One days present usage. Not much in the scheme of things, but a start.

This guy from the prarie is OK!

Petulance and Peace Prize
Garrison Keillor

October 14, 2009

Evidently some people were disappointed that Dick Cheney didn't receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and believe me, I sympathize -- I thought Philip Roth should've gotten the literature prize instead of that grumpy Romanian lady with the severe hair -- but it was Barack Obama whom the Norwegians wanted to come visit Oslo in December and stand on the balcony of the Grand Hotel and wave to the crowd along Karl Johans Gate, and, face it, Obama is going to draw a bigger crowd than Cheney would have. When a man has shot somebody in the face with a shotgun, people are going to be reluctant to line up en masse in his presence lest he get excited again. As for Cheney's boss, he was an unlikely pick for the Peace Prize after it was revealed by a White House speechwriter in a recent memoir that George W. Bush once said, "I whupped Gary Bauer's ass ... ." Boasting about ass-whupping is not the mark of a Nobel Peace Prize winner. The correct word is "whipping."

Going to Oslo in December and sitting through a black-tie banquet with a bunch of wooden-faced Norwegians and eating herring and delivering a speech larded with bromides about international cooperation and no jokes is not what I'd consider a good time, frankly. Oslo is rather dark and murky in December. The sun rises during the first coffee break and sets right after lunch and this does not make for a festive mood. This isn't Carnival in Rio De Janeiro.

Some conservative pundit suggested the president should've declined the prize. But it is not gracious to reject a compliment. One should accept it with modesty, as Obama did. The prize isn't about you, it's about Peace, or Literature, or Homecoming, or Champion Hog or Male Vocalist of the Year, so walk up there, smile, say thank you and sit down.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth that you hear among Republicans is 68 percent envy and 32 percent sour grapes. Here is an idealistic, articulate young president who is enormously popular everywhere in the world except in the states of the Confederacy, and here sit the 28 percent of the American people who still thought Bush was doing a heckuva job at the end, gnashing their teeth, hoping and praying for something horrible to make the president look bad, which is not a good place for a political party to be, hoping for the country to slide into chaos. When you bet against America, you are choosing long odds.

A person can run down the list of all that's wrong with this country, but the country has a history of rising to challenges, turning away from demagogues and doing what needs to be done. We are a passionately patriotic people. We have limited patience for fools, such as the ones who now dominate the right. Conservatism is a powerful strain in American life that ordinarily passes as common sense. Save for a rainy day. Don't foul the nest. Don't burn your bridges. Don't sacrifice the future for short-term profit. But when it contradicts itself and becomes weighted down with bigotry and cynicism, it doesn't hold water anymore.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function." And conservatives tried to keep functioning through the Bush administration but the contradictions wore them down, and last fall, when the federal government wrote a blank check to stave off collapse of the financial sector, conservative principles came crashing to the ground, and now all they have in common is that they don't like President Obama. OK, but resentment of an American president being honored by the Norwegians is not a good point from which to build a Republican revival. Petulant fury isn't a winning hand in politics. Get over it.

Tribune Media Services Garrison Keillor is a radio host and author.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One year from now game

I'm starting a post that we will debate one year from now. Make your comments and we'll see how much things have changed in a year. There are many questions that we as a country are presented with and here is my list of challenging items.

Health Care
General Motors and Chrysler
Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Michael Steel
Lindsey Graham
Alan Grayson
Fox News
Price of gas

make your predictions and 1 year from now we'll come back to this post and laugh or cry.

Oh! One more.

Michelle Bachman

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here we go!

As I have said earlier. The proposal will be that those without health insurance must get them some. The only place that they see that happening is from our present providers, you know the guy's who heart the big profits and like they are going to give the uninsured a break because they all of a sudden grew a heart. Not happenin'.

So let's move forward, oh this HCR is far from over, and when masses get the news that they must buy health insurance or be fined so as to lower the cost to those that do...

Tee time please.

There is going to be a tsunami of all of the folks who teabagged and birthered and god knows what else and railed and rallied against Obama will be begging him to provide them a single payer system to save them from having to send the insurance companies a check every month, less they go to jail for non payment.

Ther was a time in America when you got your paycheck and cashed it and at the end of the year you settled up with the government for the money you owed in taxes and when the government found that the majority of the people had spent the money on other things decided that we'll just collect it from your employer before they pay you. Has the bell of success rung yet. Health care for all is not that far away.

Granted we'll pay more in taxes but it's a question off all in and all done. Everybody pays! Is it socialism? No! It is a tax just like the gas tax that pays for the highways you drive on and any number of things that we use on a daily basis.

Barack has done a great job!

Humorous and entertaining...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Health Care "INDUSTRY"?

Industry=Corporation=Profit=Investment=Profit=ROI=Additional Investment=Greater Profit=More ROI wanted= you can see where this is going. Or has gone....

The Adults Are On Stage

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Not sure what significance it has , funny? Sad?

Unsure what to think about this.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I've Finally Translated Al 'queda Into English


What's Going In My World

The downturn in the economy has produced many changes in America and around the world and due to it's deepness will expose itself in many way in the months and years to come. The issue I am addressing is how you as a consumer will be effected as you leave your house and, having made the decision to buy car, be it used or new.

Consider the atmosphere a year ago as sales of automobiles decreased at many if not all automotive retailer by 50% and more. Hell some are not even here any more. Yet I have have not heard or read of the plight of the salespeople who given the choice and many times not of choosing another profession have left the business.

Money talks.

Many of these salespeople who had great aspirations of being the next Jackie Cooper had their hopes dashed by the downturn and found different jobs.

So who are the people left convincing you to step up and make the payment for your new ride? The dedicated men and woman who have built a reputation based upon honesty, straight forward conversations and concern for your next purchase from them and have a carburetor for a heart.

Many of us love this business and this is all we know. Looks i am sure that as with any group there are bad apples who get all of the attention when they do something sly and underhanded and in most cases are guilty of outright lies.

The fact is we as a group would not survive were it not for our connection both personally and professionally to our customers.

Nothing is 100% in life and we might get into a squabble over warranty issues, but you must understand that it is not our money paying for your blown motor at 60,001 miles or in the case of some 100,001. It is the manufacturers money being spent and they are just insurance companies, guarding their dollars.

So who is going to greet you when you walk into a dealership next week or next year.

The guys and gals who weathered the storm and made a living regardless of how bad it got. We have customers, those that come back with their children and cousins and friends and walk in and ask us what do you think because we are still here in this economic nightmare because we have cars in our blood and its all we know.

The thing you must understand is that is a business and profit is part of the equation.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alan G. Everyones Favorite

Another Toy I'll Never Get!!!!

Man I want one of these now....

Do You Believe In Miracles?

As many of Adirondack Lifestyle blog readers know, Lake Placid, New York is famous for a very special moment in the history of sports. It was here in Lake Placid that commentator Al Michaels asked viewers the question, "Do you believe in miracles?" branding the moment when the 1980 US hockey team beat the Soviet Union on their way to win one of the most famous Olympic gold medals ever collected. The under-dog United States team's defeat of the Russians, the "Miracle on Ice" also spawned two movies. The re-creation of coach Herb Brooks locker room speech is now legendary in the realm of sports films. It has always been one of my favorite cheesey film scenes and gives me goose bumps no matter how many times I see the movies. The four-year-old boy in today's video obviously enjoyed the movie too! It should come as no surprise that Lake Placid is a big hockey town with many hockey moms like Kim, my colleague at the real estate office, who made my morning when she showed me the clip.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Those God Damned Troops Need What?

Look, I work in the car biz and most, although not all, managers I have worked under are more concerned about anything but the car biz on a daily basis. girlfriends, the new boat,snowmobile or whatever. They believe that all of the pesky salespeople are just something they have to put up with. They hold very low opinions of them, as they are "managers" and have risen above their co workers in both stature and intelligence. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard a manager say, "that stupid bastard couldn't close a door" I'd be living in Aspen. The auto salesperson today is just a means to an end for these guys. Don't get me started on the owners! I'm sure you get the point.

Then I read this:

Survivors in Afghanistan Need Immediate Help - 56 Soldiers Lost EVERYTHING

* Oct 6, 2009 at 8:00 AM

UPDATE as of 7 OCT 1430 hrs

We do NOT need fleece blankets, wash clothes or towels. Still need everything else on the list below

UPDATE as of 7 OCT 09 1300 hrs


Winter Wool Hiking Socks - mostly size 9-12 but a few 13+

ACU tshirts - Need 50 size large

Boxer briefs - have received none. Need 6 small, 60 medium, 42 large and 4 XLarge

Towels and wash clothes - Need 40 sets of each, darker colors preferred

Fleece throw size blankets - Need 30

Donations towards the purchase of both winter and summer PT clothes

Donations towards the replacement of name tapes, unit patches, etc. for their new uniforms.


Athletic shoes


White socks


Shower Shoes

UPDATE as of 6 OCT 09 2130 hrs

I'm still working through a list of emails from so many of you. THANK YOU. And thank you for your patience. I don't have the speadsheet update in full yet but I do know that we are mostly still in need of:

ACU tshirts - see original post for sizes and quanitities

Waterproof winter gloves (dark colors)


Socks - white and winter wool for hiking

12 pairs of shower shoes


Towels and wash clothes

PT clothes - winter and summer

Cash donations towards the purchase of athlectic shoes for PT

Shaving cream

WE DO NOT NEED any more

Toiletries - Razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste

Thank you all so much for the great response. I will do my best to get some solid numbers to you by end of day tomorrow.

UPDATE AS OF 6 OCT 09 1400 hrs

All winter knit hats have been donated

10 sets of twin sheets have been donated

30 pairs of shower shoes have been donated

2 pairs of size Medium ACUs have been donated (even though we weren't asking for those but HOOAH)

$325.00 in cash has been committed

About 20 individuals and organizations have contacted me and are going to donate but I don't have specific items or amounts yet. Hope to have more info by end of day or tomorrow.

A couple of people have inquired as to why we need to know what and how many items they are donating. The reason is because we want to keep up with the items to make sure we cover all they need and don't have excess in some areas and not enough in others. I will continue to update here as I get firm committments about what is being donated. Most of all we appreciate ALL of you for pitching in and working on this as a team with us. We will be "briefing" the CSM via email tonight. I will post his reply here (assuming he has time to respond).

Like so many of you my heart has been heavy since the news of the attacks on our posts in Afghanistan on Saturday. The families of the Fallen are first and foremost in my thoughts and prayers. May God give them strength and comfort as they prepare to lay their loved ones to rest and may they always know that there are many of us out here who will ALWAYS remember their sons, brothers, fathers and husbands.

On another note, my great friend and troop support partner, Bob Connolly and I have been in direct contact with the unit's CSM after learning that the base was destroyed and the men lost all of their belongs except the clothes on their backs. The Army is working to replace uniforms for the men. But they need assistance with other personal items. And they NEED TO KNOW that we are thinking about them over here, too.

Please contact me IMMEDIATELY to help fill their "needs" list below.

Socks (both white socks and winter wool hiking socks)

MED - 24
LG - 22
XL - 10

Underwear (boxers and boxer briefs

SM - 3
MED - 30
LG - 21
XL - 2

tshirts (must be Army ACU tshirts - Army will issue for immediate need but extras are always helpful)

SM - 3
MED - 30
LG - 21
XL - 2

PT shorts (or long pants) and shirts

SM - 3
MED - 30
LG - 21
XL - 2

Shower shoes

MED - 24
LG - 22
XL - 10

Towels, wash clothes, twin sheet sets, pillows, blankets (fleece)- Need 56 sets

Razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream - Need enough for 56 men

Running shoes - we are awaiting specific sizes

The above items are the "immediate" needs.

Other suggestions are:

balaclavas, knit caps to fit under helmets (dark colors), winter gloves (dark colors and preferably water proof)

iPods, DVDs, MP3 players and movies, batteries, digital cameras.

Please contact me ASAP via emial We want to work to assure every Soldier is covered with basics first so it is important that we track the donated items. If you prefer to make a monetary donation I can give you information to do so.

Bob is getting some goodie boxes out to them today just to let the know we are behind them. We need to get these other items in route ASAP.

Many thanks

These guys at the Pentagon have the same attitude. Their bonus system is not money but moving up the chain of command and hence acquiring more power.

Next time you see a five star general's car, I don't think you"ll see a support the troops bumper sticker on it.


I Wonder What Flavor The Kool Aid Was

They word "delusional" comes to mind....

The How To Take Back America conference held in St. Louis September 25 and 26 drew some 600 activists and, according to organizers, 100,000 online viewers. The gathering was an expanded version of the annual conference held by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, co-hosted this year by radio personality and far-right activist Janet Folger Porter and promoted by other right-wing bloggers and radio shows.

Conference leaders and participants were both fearful and optimistic: fearful that if the Obama administration gets its way, freedom in America will give way to servitude to a tyrannical socialist government; and optimistic that Americans are angry enough to resist that tyranny and will sweep Democrats out of power in House elections in 2010.

Joining conference participants and echoing the themes were presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and several Republican Members of Congress, including Michele Bachmann (MN), Trent Franks (AZ), Steve King (IA), and Tom McClintock (CA).

Among the themes of the conference:

a continued merging of messaging and organizing among the Religious Right and “teabagger” right
the fervent belief that America is at a tipping point between freedom and fascist power: President Obama and his congressional allies are on the verge of delivering America into Socialism, Communism, and/or Nazi-style tyranny, and that government is therefore to be feared and resisted
optimism that the tea bag movement and anti-health-reform town halls are a sign that Americans are prepared to resist that tyranny
extreme opposition to Democratic health care reform efforts, with some support for the congressional Republican alternative and some demands for a no-compromise approach that would involve ending all government involvement in health care, including Medicare
recent attacks on ACORN are just part of a larger effort to target progressive community organizing groups and their religious supporters and “defund the left”
hostility not only to same-sex marriage but also to any legal protections for LGBT Americans and same-sex couples
a new push to use “abortion as black genocide” as a wedge between African Americans and pro-choice progressives built around a new “documentary” portraying abortion as 21st century genocide
American exceptionalism – the belief that America’s founding was divinely inspired and the nation has been uniquely blessed by God – is alive and well, though America is now living under a curse for having elected Barack Obama
activists don’t need a majority to take back America; if their minority or “remnant” is committed enough God will use them

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pageant Walkin'

Pageant Walkin',Pageant Walkin',Pageant Walkin',Pageant Walkin',Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'Pageant Walkin'

I just get a kick out this phrase, I am not sure why but just reading it puts a smile on my face. hahahahahahahah

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

This guy is genius! Every day he wakes up and does his job and speaks in complete sentences, does what he believes to be right and all along the way he leaves small pieces of bread that the republicans pick up and follow the trail of hate, bigotry, and their devotion to see him fail is stronger than their Patriotism.

He has played them so far like no one I have ever seen in politics. They go on Fox and as they are digesting the bait fed to them by our President, they show all of the country their shortcomings as both Americans and politicians.

The problem I see for them is that they have no leader other than themselves as a group, they are more like the lemmings being led over a cliff, only motivated by their hatred of a black president who is a Democrat, who's only focus is to keep following the trail of bread crumbs and at some point when they find themselves at the bottom of a cliff all bloodied and stunned by what has happened will they realize they have been played.

And find themselves here

Michelle, I Gotta Tell You Something

" I shrunk the Republican Party "

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Word Marinated In Snark

John Cole/Balloon Juice says,

This is going to be funny as hell. I can’t wait to check this out of the library- because I’ll be damned if I give the Wasilla Wingnut a penny.

I’m personally looking forward to the chapter on how to cook meth in a snowstorm using only a Bowie knife, a King James Bible, and a moose antler. Should be awesome.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barack Won't Sign!

My prediction is that the present political environment will not produce a health care bill that he can sign. He is going to test the limits of Washington.

Call me crazy, but he views this as his make or break item.

Don't sell this guy short.

He will cut these Republicans off so short they will believe they were born short.

4 aces, Tom have been dealt.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Such a pretty time of year

On my way to work this morning, shot this. We are at peak color this week.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here Is How WE Get Single Payer

It is actually very simple. Propose that anyone who presently has no health coverage be forced to BUY insurance from Cigna, United Health Care, Blue Blue/Blue Shield or whatever insurance company controls the portion of their state where they live and if they do not then there will me monetary penalties for not doing so. The uprising of people, who for whatever reason don't presently have coverage due to age,young and willing to take the risk, middle age where their employer might not offer any or the cost is to high and those that are just willing to roll the dice and go to the emergency room and worry later about paying or not, would put the folks we saw in August at the town halls and other events look very small. I'd bet that polling of mandated coverage will come in at 80/20% against it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Tsunami comes to mind...

Friday, September 25, 2009

I've Prayed To God For Cash and...

He sent me this. Now I am sure you folks can identify with my desire to play golf tomorrow and my not having enough money to do so. So I am accepting PayPal donations because since I have prayed to God and upon receiving his answer you christian folk would not want to see his will go answered.

So PayPal up and avoid the smiting that might occur with your refusal to give me the cash to have the $77.50 to play this golf course that in previous prayers God has told me I must play.

God knows the prayers I've said.

God also wishes I should play Winged Foot and I might need your help with that. Hey! It's God's will and to refuse could leave you open to much smiting. Look what happened to them gays in New Orleans.

We don't need no stooopid census

I'm not sure that it will have a real impact on the current US census, although it might, is that this penchant of these people on the right who are incapable of getting their small uneducated and suspicious minds around. is that the unintended consequence of their actions railing against completing the census forms will further lead them out into a wilderness of under representation in Washington.

They are so enraged by the hate rising from deep in their psyche and which they seem to have no control over, Is it racist, frustration over losing an election or just a display of people who are unemployed and mad at the world.

Well I think it is that they are mad at " their world " and they must be ready to join a long line of people who are mad at " our world " and what they are finding out is that protesting will have as much effect on the outcome as those they waited behind in line.

We are all members of this planets social. political and monetary communities and at some point we will all arrive at the door that separates us from those that control us and we will all be yelling to " break down that door ".

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gotta Get 3 Wolf Shirt Now

You just have to go read some of the product reviews on this shirt and laugh, wonder how these people feed themselves, are actually in mental institutions hell I just could not stop laughing and thought I'd share.

And the comments on the reviews is a whole other gold mine of laughs...

By 3Wolves Rule "Carney" (Dilworth, Alabama) - See all my reviews

As a semi-professional carnival ride technician I have seen many things but nothing like the awesome powers stitched into the fabric of the three wolf and moon t-shirt. I originally won this shirt at a cock-fight behind my girlfriend's could I have known that within 24 hours I would be called upon to act.

The next night, while working the centipede ride, I heard a scream that would make you grind your tooth. I grabbed a 13 year old kid to watch the ride and then, with my last three cans of Meister Brau, went out to investigate. As I turned the corner I saw a sight that haunts me to this day. A tractor had jack-knifed and rolled over. Trapped beneath the trailer of sweet corn was my cousin/girlfriend, Crystal. Although I couldn't see her face I knew it was her from the orange and red hair and the tattoo of Jeff Gordon on her right arm, the tattoo of Dale Earnhardt Jr. on her left arm, the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend, "Junior" on her left ankle, the tattoo of a lion on her left shoulder, the tattoo of a rose on her right thigh, the tattoo of a panda on her right ankle and the names of our first two boys, Garth and Brooks tattooed on her right leg.

Like the wolves would do when one of their own was in danger I put down my beer and began to lift on the trailer that was pinning my sweet Crystal. I cannot say with any certainty if it was me, the wolves or the 14 other fellers helping me lift but with super-human strength we raised that trailer and pulled Crystal from danger.

Crystal and I have since given up the carnival circuit and are enrolled in a training program we saw on the television that says we can earn up to [...]/week. The extra money will come in handy with the new twins, Randy and Travis. As for the three wolves t-shirt, I know in my heart it was the power of the wolves that saved Crystal that day so I hung it over the kitchen sink as a curtain so it can protect our family.

h/t Wallstreetjackass

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Get My Health Care From GOD!

This might explain the south's and various areas around the countries motivation to disrail health care for the rest of us. I see a situation where the Baptist Convention see a cash cow threatened with extiction. They buy insurance at a wholesale price and sell it at retail and it could involve billions. They are certainly not above doing so based on their other political positions. These people, Baptist Convention, hold great sway with many southern politicians.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't forget I still have the ....

generator for sale!

Sony Apologizes To Nigeria...

Nigeria demands apology from Sony for commercial suggesting they’re a source of internet scams (Consumerist) Sony has agreed to settle for $1 million, but first Nigeria must e-mail its national bank account information so Sony can complete the transfer.

Monday, September 21, 2009

MR. Blunt Is Politically...


Palin Seeks Stockholders Approval For CEO Job

I view her speaking engagement in Hong Kong as an opportunity for major stockholders (bond holders, you know debt) in United States Inc. to get an up close look and decide for themselves her ability to manage this corporation they have so heavily invested in.

Is she capable, up to the task, committed to protecting their investment? Or just a Glenn Beck in a dress?

If I had the money invested they do, I would certainly want some face time with a potential CEO and because they must trust the America electorate with the choice of who is CEO once Barack is done, they are just protecting their investment.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Tell Pays Off For All

I posted this in early July. It's an intended consequence. Wall Street steals billions and gives us the ability to keep our own money.

Wall Street is always looking for a new stream of cash and they will simply sell the health insurance companies down the river to get it.

Hell Yes! Look, we have been financially flatlined for the past twenty years and when it comes to personal income it is easy for me to see that they need access to more cash to heal their credit default swap wounds. Money freed up by reducing Americans health care costs would in many ways give them access to more cash and would provide for the continuing penchant of the publics hope of greater returns on Wall Street. The clue provided by Chuck (Charles) Schumer is the tell.

The economy will take recover once this happens and we will awake to a different economic landscape.

Reported in "The Hill" Last week.

The health care reform bill that emerges from Congress this year will include a government-run public health insurance option, regardless of the bipartisan negotiations seeking a compromise in the Senate, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Sunday. "Make no mistake about it, the president is for this strongly. There will be a public option in the final bill," Schumer said on CBS News's "Face the Nation

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lets stop calling it insurance!

Health care has nothing to do with insurance.

Health care is something that is administered by caring individuals to someone, a person who is ailing, and cannot take care of the problem themselves. This is just ridiculous!

I brush my teeth, take asparin, put on a band aid and many thngs without the assistance of anyone.

Cancer, heart problems, briken legs require the assistance of others and rightly so.

Insurance is something I BUY to insure that if my house burns down and the insurance company can get enough homeowners to pay every month and pay out less than they take in they win and so do I. Thats insurance.

Everybody at some time in their life requires health care assistance and it is not a viable nor succesful business model.

When are we going to get honest with ourselves?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ghizuz Died Fer Ar sins

"Jesus died for our sins".

Taken to it's logical conclusion, this statement allows those that blindly believe to behave like the cloud guy has their ass covered as far as sinning is concerned. Do whatever you want to, praise the lord and walk away. Hey! My sins are forgiven, he died on the cross for ME!

We are only human, what do you expect!

This might explain why all of these "Christians" seem to show up most times as the folks most likely to bugger some cute co worker, Friends wife, prostitute and why their wives take them back as the failed humans they are.

BUT! With the attendance at the daily or weekly service at the church of their choice these people who truly believe in God cleanse themselves of these sins and start anew on another week of Christian value based living.

Who Took Joe Wilson's Picture???

Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how?

Asking the Albert Brooks question.

So here's what I don't understand. If Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's speech Wednesday night was truly "spontaneous," as Wilson claims, and no one (including Wilson himself) could have anticipated it, how come there is a sharply focused and neatly centered picture of Wilson right at the moment he shouted "You lie!" when the outburst lasted less than a second? In the picture, Wilson's mouth is still open, apparently in the middle of his shouting "lie."

There are 535 members of Congress in attendance during the joint session, plus a few extras like Michelle Obama and Vicki Kennedy. Until last night, Wilson was just about the least well known member of Congress. Why did someone have a camera fixed and focused on him during Obama's speech? The picture in question has been variously credited to "Getty Images," "AFP" (Agence France-Presse) or "Chip Somodevilla." None of them are local press in South Carolina, which might have had a reason to pay particular attention to their local Congressman during the speech. I doubt local press photographers are allowed in the joint session of Congress during a Presidential speech anyway.

Think about it. If you were one of the (probably) dozen press photographers in the chamber last night, generally taking pictures of the Congressmen and Senators during the speech, and if you suddenly heard a two-word, one-second outburst coming from somewhere in the chamber, uttered by one of the 535 members of Congress (okay, one of the Republicans), there is no way you could take a (well focused and neatly centered) picture of the culprit during the second word of the outburst. Whoever took the picture must have anticipated the outburst.

This is the question that Albert Brooks asked about William Hurt in Broadcast News, which eventually ended the relationship between Hurt and Holly Hunter. I just don't see how the picture could be possible. How can you capture someone's "spontaneous" moment, when there are more than 535 other people around to pay attention to?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guilt by association

By that I mean, if you hang around with haters eventually some of the hate rubs off on you. The person who sent me this moved from northern New York 20 years ago. Over that time I have seen his views on life and other people not like him move to the far right and now someone who was middle of the road 20 years ago now is a hater, birther and any other "er" you can think of.

This is representative of most of the stupid and hateful stuff he sends me. There must be a huge undergound hate and disinformation flow and that fuels the fire we see on the surface.


Subject: FW: The Fire
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 08:04:29 -0500

Subject: FW: The Fire

In South Los Angeles , a 4 plex was destroyed by a fire.

A Nigerian family of six con artists lived on the first floor,
and all six died in the fire.

An Islamic group of seven welfare cheats, all illegally in the country from Kenya ,
lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire.

6 LA, Hispanic, Gang Banger, ex-cons,
lived on the 3rd floor and they too, died.

A lone, white couple lived on the top floor.
The couple survived the fire,

Jesse Jackson, John Burris and Al Sharpton were furious.

They flew into LA, met with the fire chief, on camera. They loudly

demanded to know why the Blacks, Black Muslims and Hispanics all

died in the fire and only the white couple lived..?
The fire chief said, "They were at work."

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Version: 8.5.409 / Virus Database: 270.13.83/2353 - Release Date: 09/08/09 06:48:00

Get back to school stuff for them and cashback for you. Try Bing now.