Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Barack Obama Vetoes Health Care Reform Bill

Here is how I see what is going on in with HCR. Obama is a smart [google must be republican because however you spell his name it is always underlined with red dots like it is wrong] and he knows a good HCR bill from a bad one.He is not signing a bad bill, no let's just get something bill, and what he envisions will set free many dollars presently going to the insurance companies will be used to provide a stimulus to our economy. He is going to wear them down, gladly display for all to see, regardless of party affiliation or religious view and make all of them smaller in the process. Those that take the bribes that all of the corporate cash couched as political donations provides those that decide. It is a battle of whose fortitude endures and can stand the scrutiny from the thousand points of light showered upon those that take who lie, promote the lies and all of the rest of what can be properly described as crazy and illogical. When there are people who have no health insurance protesting getting health care they have won the battle but not the war. Obama might seem disengaged but he has a larger plan and HCR is just the start. When it [HCR] passes it will comport to his liking and allow him to change America in many more ways. Think Pentagon, overseas bases, our crumpling bridges and roads, telecommunications, and all of the things each and everyone of us knows need fixing. This a battle he can't afford to lose because it sets up the the house and the senate as pawns of those that really control them for all of America to see.

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