Saturday, February 28, 2009

Telemarketer's Nightmare

Very funny! A little mention of teh gay so maybe not suitable for work.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Value is a meaningless ( could be substituted with eggplant ) word to most people in this country when it comes to purchasing, buying or what we spend our money on.

Value is Everything, I'll say it again, Value is everythng to these same people when it relates to selling something they own.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Food Is Important and It's Easy

You have to try this. Made it tonight and it is easy and great comfort food. Hey, I'll try anything (almost) once.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They Used To Call It A Jukebox.

I go here a lot of nights to listen to whatever suits my fancy. And just tonight I found out that my favorite female artist is listed and man O' man I'm ecstatic, there is a god. For those of you not familiar with Grace here is a short Biography.

Grace Potter grew up in Waitsfield, VT in a family that encouraged her artistic pursuits in areas from music to theater, the latter of which she was studying at St. Lawrence University when drummer Matt Burr heard her singing at an open-mike night in 2002 and asked if she would form a band with him. She declined, but when her high-school friend and bass player Courtright Beard enrolled in their college, she reconsidered the invitation, and the three of them began to write and perform jazz-influenced songs, Potter also taking duties on the Hammond B-3. Soon, guitarist Scott Tournet joined, and the bandmembers, calling themselves Grace Potter & the Nocturnals -- thanks to their late-night practice habits -- began to think seriously about making music their careers. When Burr graduated in 2003, they decided to move back to Vermont to some land that Potter's parents owned and dedicate themselves more fully to their craft, replacing Beard (who chose to stay at school) with Bryan Dondero in the process. In 2004 they self-released their debut, Original Soul, receiving positive response and comparisons to artists like Norah Jones and early Bonnie Raitt. This in turn garnered major-label offers, but the band preferred to build its fan base by constant touring and festival appearances. Word of their electric performance spread, and shortly after their second album, Nothing But the Water -- also self-released -- came out in 2005, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals signed to Hollywood Records, with their third full-length, This Is Somewhere, hitting shelves nationwide in August 2007. ~ Marisa Brown, All Music Guide.

Ass Replaced With Class

Had a post I did this morning up here about Bobby Jindal and I have to admit it was really pointless since after looking around it seems that other people have done a better job of satirizing the convenience store guy.

So I thought all day and I decided to put something in it's place that is probably the best rendition of this song I have ever heard. I have watched Grace Potter grow as a musician and she has a passion that is rare today. I really believe that she is not interested in making a lot of money, just a lot of great music. Leave me your thoughts if you want more.

Most Vermonters are just, well Vermonters.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Should Not Forget!

Remember back when Natalie Maines said "ashamed that the president of the Untited States was from Texas"? Well, the Dixie Chicks certainly paid a price. The Bush White House was all over taking down anyone who disagreed with them. But now we have an opportunity to react to the selfish agenda of the elite and wealthy republicans who are owned by corporate titans and should act with the same fervor and ask them to come along with us and reshape this country into one that is made from the ingredients of all Americans. So listen to the song and listen to the words that are certainly heartfelt, but are pertinent to what went on during our "reign of Terror".

And if you go to Radio Shack and get one of these you can listen to it with BIG SOUND. Just ask them how to play music from an i-Pod through spaeakers.


It's Not Depression, It's Suppression

See that line going up since 1985? Well that is all the money that was given by us to publicly traded companies over the past 23 years. Now see the line below that one? That is the work that all of us did during the last 23 years which is called GPD, gross domestic product. And see the bottom line? That's your paycheck, on average. Wanna change that? I do.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama's challenger in 2012

Yes, I see this coming. He's going towards the center when everyone else is going all nutzoid far right, irrational and crazy. He's positioning himself as a rational alternative that the Republicans are going to complain and whine about getting themselves behind but he's the Trojan Horse that will let them regain power. I think you will see Christ out in front touting the money that his state received but he had to do it because, we'll let the focus groups make that call. He's southern, pretty wife, well connected and anti Bush. We'll see......

Has no gas pedal, but has a brake no one uses

Yep. Thats a bobsled heading down the track at Mt. Van Hovenberg here in Lake Placid. Earlier this month there was an event that would surprise many NASCAR fans. Go here . And this week we have this going on. Good news for the USA .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No losers in this house

I have always been a fan of good advertising. Many people go into business and do an extremely bad job when it comes to signage. And I have watched over the years that those that spent the time to develop a workable business plan and then followed through with great signage usually succeed. These people have created many unique signs over the years and maybe because it's something I've always wanted to do myself I appreciate good work. Sparky has been creating unique and beautiful signs for many years.

Then when you think that they would be satisfied with signs they go out and do this. Believe me they are worth every penny because I have one myself. If you want to impress friends with a nice salad, use one of Peggy's bowls.

And to top off the whole thing off they have a daughter who does this:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yes We can....compete

The notion that American automobile companies have been lining their pockets while companies like Toyota and others have been focused on new technology to draw buyers towards their products is somewhat true but Ford Motor Company has been laboring these past 2 years under new leadership and we will soon see the fruits of their labor. How about a 4 cylinder with a displacement of 2.o liters developing 275 horsepower and 280 ft lbs of torque! To give you some perspective most V8's in the 80's like General Motors 5.0 liter V8 had 240 horsepower and 265 lb ft of torque. So Ford has an engine less than half the size producing more horsepower and torque and this allows them to install it in every car they make. So in the video you can see what all of their efforts unleashes on the World Rally circuit. Awesome and gives me hope........

Friday, February 20, 2009


Adams Tight Lies 3, 4 and 5 and only paid $28.00 for all three today on Ebay. See deflation has an upside sometimes. Hey there used so what. And the added things is they are graphite shafted and perfect for for an old guy like me. I'm sure this whole thing has no meaning unless you are lucky enough to be a golfer.

Competence,something we ain't seen in awhile

Competence. Something we ain't seen is awhile is how I view what is going on regarding the American publics thoughts, both positive and negative regarding our new President. Think back and try to come up with a President who has the educational, social and personal qualities that shape Barak Obama. Well I did it today and the closest I came is John F. Kennedy. And I only know about him through pictures and print of him since I was only 10 years old at the time of his death. All of the Presidents since him were lacking in at least one of the aforementioned qualities. Some had qualities that post Presidency left many Americans wondering how they ever could have voted for them. Don't take me wrong in the fact the much good was done, but overall when you graph the things that were done in Washington and many state houses around this country for the past 46 years were done to economically favor corporations and the people who owned and ran them. So here we are, with a President who views the world and our country differently than many before him. He's intelligent and politically savvy and has no agenda but the betterment of all people wether they are United Sates citizens or not. Its only been a month since he swore to uphold the constitution and the laws of the country and just like many Presidents before him those that voted for him wait daily to see if he is any different than the ones that came before him. I myself think that we have a pretty good shot at having a different opinion of America when he is done. And then where do we find another that thinks and believes like he does?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It won't be long yeah yeah yeah it won't be long

That's Whiteface Mountain in the background and this is the 18 hole I'm longing to play. You know that looking forward to spring and doing something that you really enjoy just gives me hope that no matter what else happens in the world I'll still have my golf clubs and can go out to the course and do something I love. Because frankly, aside from voting every now and then I have to trust those I vote for to do whats right. But somehow the ones that go to Washington and Albany somehow loose all rationallity immediately upon arrival ($$$$$$$). I think that once your elected you get one term and thats it. How demeaning it must to beg for money to get elected and reelected. UNLESS you are selling a service and then you get what we've got today professional legislators.

Experts of the week

I was just sitting here thinking that as each new week comes along the teevee and newspapers are chocked filled with all of the people who amazingly become experts on a new subject every week. Two weeks ago they were all legal experts, last week it was economics and this week everybody is an AUTOMOTIVE GENIUS. I'm ashamed, as the world's biggest cynic I should have seen this years ago..........

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More of this equals more of that

You know I've been selling cars for 29 years and I've been through recessions and have learned that there is a certain replacement rate at which our industry travels. Now there are many things that drive auto sales and I'm not gonna bore you with all of them, but there are ones that simply relay on human nature. And the most powerful ones are security and ego. Security type of sales are the people who are beyond the manufactures warranty and afraid that something might break and the repair is their responsibility and these are usually older people who have the ability to buy and either pay cash or have a large down payment and are not upside down. The second type are those that either want to show their neighbors and friends that they have the horsepower(car talk) to get anything they want or just want a new car to make themselves feel better. These are the ones who are thousands of dollars upside down and have no idea of what financial security is all about. I can tell you stories about people who owe 11,12,13,hell 18 thousand dollars more than their car is worth who come in and actually believe they have the ability to buy a new car. I'll end there and take away from this what you may but many of the latter buyers are in their 30's and 40's and have no idea what money is all about. I'll guess they'll learn. Just wanted to get something off my chest................

DO NOT POST...........

I am asking everyone to stop promoting this woman and putting her name, any photo, you tube video or even any oblique reference to her out where people can see, read or hear what this attention seeker thrives on, public attention. I just don't need the brain damage. Enough said...............

Jeff Gordon fires his pit crew

Jeff Gordon fires his pit crew

The announcement followed his decision to use a government program to employ wayward youth from Harlem.

The decision to this was brought about a recent documentary about a group of youths from Harlem who could remove a set of wheels from a car in six seconds, whereas his existing pit crew could perform the same task in only eight seconds with millions of dollars of high tech equipment and plenty of training.

It was thought to be a shrewd move by the motoring press and fans, as many races are won or lost in the pits.

So at the first practice session the crew from Harlem did in fact remove all 4 wheels and tires from the car in a little less than six seconds, much to Gordon's delight. They also took another 14 seconds to change the cars paint scheme, alter the VIN number and sold the car to Dale JR. for a few cases of Budweiser a bag of weed and some pictures of Gordon's wife in the shower

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katie's hit her stride

You know I watched the CBS evening news to find out what was going on with the auto companies, and you know I really enjoyed watching Katie read from the teleprompter. These tv people have it down pat when they put the tear jerker in at the end. Call me stupid for watching 30 minutes, no 16 minutes when you exclude the corporations share of the public airwaves. But she is cute and maybe I remember when she replaced, oh whats her name, and she smiled and was all perky. So maybe many of us can now understand the infatuation with a "perky", wanted to say women but caught myself , girl who thinks that being ridiculed and embarrassed on national television is better then the life she would have led had she not been pimped by the DC elites she met as governor of Sewards Folly. She is perky, witty and opportunistic, but unlike my gal Katie she is still way short of having enough formal education and exposure to the rest of the world to be qualified and compassionate enough a person to lead an 8 to 13 site trailer park full of 10 wides, you know the ones with aluminum bay windows by kitchen sink and above the trailer hitch. I'll just say it now, she's greedy! Not good qualities for the presidency. Probably a good newscaster after some more online college courses and time with people who see the world with their eyes instead of their ideology. I wish her the best, as long as she has no bearing on my life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I can see spring in the distance

Today is a bright sunny day and just got back from a walk around Mirror Lake and the ever increasingly more powerful sunlight causes me to think of the days ahead that will bring tulips shooting up out of the ground and smaller snow banks. It's not that I dislike winter its just that it is the only season when I can't play golf. And alpine skiing has gotten so expensive at Whiteface that unless you go Titus Mt. in Malone it's pretty much a twice a month thing. Sometimes, hell most times, thinking about spring is better than wet and 58 degree days interspersed with a few 65 degree sunny days that is spring in the Adirondacks.

Thursday, February 5, 2009