Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Katie's hit her stride

You know I watched the CBS evening news to find out what was going on with the auto companies, and you know I really enjoyed watching Katie read from the teleprompter. These tv people have it down pat when they put the tear jerker in at the end. Call me stupid for watching 30 minutes, no 16 minutes when you exclude the corporations share of the public airwaves. But she is cute and maybe I remember when she replaced, oh whats her name, and she smiled and was all perky. So maybe many of us can now understand the infatuation with a "perky", wanted to say women but caught myself , girl who thinks that being ridiculed and embarrassed on national television is better then the life she would have led had she not been pimped by the DC elites she met as governor of Sewards Folly. She is perky, witty and opportunistic, but unlike my gal Katie she is still way short of having enough formal education and exposure to the rest of the world to be qualified and compassionate enough a person to lead an 8 to 13 site trailer park full of 10 wides, you know the ones with aluminum bay windows by kitchen sink and above the trailer hitch. I'll just say it now, she's greedy! Not good qualities for the presidency. Probably a good newscaster after some more online college courses and time with people who see the world with their eyes instead of their ideology. I wish her the best, as long as she has no bearing on my life.

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