Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barack Won't Sign!

My prediction is that the present political environment will not produce a health care bill that he can sign. He is going to test the limits of Washington.

Call me crazy, but he views this as his make or break item.

Don't sell this guy short.

He will cut these Republicans off so short they will believe they were born short.

4 aces, Tom have been dealt.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Such a pretty time of year

On my way to work this morning, shot this. We are at peak color this week.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here Is How WE Get Single Payer

It is actually very simple. Propose that anyone who presently has no health coverage be forced to BUY insurance from Cigna, United Health Care, Blue Blue/Blue Shield or whatever insurance company controls the portion of their state where they live and if they do not then there will me monetary penalties for not doing so. The uprising of people, who for whatever reason don't presently have coverage due to age,young and willing to take the risk, middle age where their employer might not offer any or the cost is to high and those that are just willing to roll the dice and go to the emergency room and worry later about paying or not, would put the folks we saw in August at the town halls and other events look very small. I'd bet that polling of mandated coverage will come in at 80/20% against it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!


Tsunami comes to mind...

Friday, September 25, 2009

I've Prayed To God For Cash and...

He sent me this. Now I am sure you folks can identify with my desire to play golf tomorrow and my not having enough money to do so. So I am accepting PayPal donations because since I have prayed to God and upon receiving his answer you christian folk would not want to see his will go answered.

So PayPal up and avoid the smiting that might occur with your refusal to give me the cash to have the $77.50 to play this golf course that in previous prayers God has told me I must play.

God knows the prayers I've said.

God also wishes I should play Winged Foot and I might need your help with that. Hey! It's God's will and to refuse could leave you open to much smiting. Look what happened to them gays in New Orleans.

We don't need no stooopid census

I'm not sure that it will have a real impact on the current US census, although it might, is that this penchant of these people on the right who are incapable of getting their small uneducated and suspicious minds around. is that the unintended consequence of their actions railing against completing the census forms will further lead them out into a wilderness of under representation in Washington.

They are so enraged by the hate rising from deep in their psyche and which they seem to have no control over, Is it racist, frustration over losing an election or just a display of people who are unemployed and mad at the world.

Well I think it is that they are mad at " their world " and they must be ready to join a long line of people who are mad at " our world " and what they are finding out is that protesting will have as much effect on the outcome as those they waited behind in line.

We are all members of this planets social. political and monetary communities and at some point we will all arrive at the door that separates us from those that control us and we will all be yelling to " break down that door ".

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gotta Get 3 Wolf Shirt Now

You just have to go read some of the product reviews on this shirt and laugh, wonder how these people feed themselves, are actually in mental institutions hell I just could not stop laughing and thought I'd share.

And the comments on the reviews is a whole other gold mine of laughs...

By 3Wolves Rule "Carney" (Dilworth, Alabama) - See all my reviews

As a semi-professional carnival ride technician I have seen many things but nothing like the awesome powers stitched into the fabric of the three wolf and moon t-shirt. I originally won this shirt at a cock-fight behind my girlfriend's trailer....how could I have known that within 24 hours I would be called upon to act.

The next night, while working the centipede ride, I heard a scream that would make you grind your tooth. I grabbed a 13 year old kid to watch the ride and then, with my last three cans of Meister Brau, went out to investigate. As I turned the corner I saw a sight that haunts me to this day. A tractor had jack-knifed and rolled over. Trapped beneath the trailer of sweet corn was my cousin/girlfriend, Crystal. Although I couldn't see her face I knew it was her from the orange and red hair and the tattoo of Jeff Gordon on her right arm, the tattoo of Dale Earnhardt Jr. on her left arm, the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend, "Junior" on her left ankle, the tattoo of a lion on her left shoulder, the tattoo of a rose on her right thigh, the tattoo of a panda on her right ankle and the names of our first two boys, Garth and Brooks tattooed on her right leg.

Like the wolves would do when one of their own was in danger I put down my beer and began to lift on the trailer that was pinning my sweet Crystal. I cannot say with any certainty if it was me, the wolves or the 14 other fellers helping me lift but with super-human strength we raised that trailer and pulled Crystal from danger.

Crystal and I have since given up the carnival circuit and are enrolled in a training program we saw on the television that says we can earn up to [...]/week. The extra money will come in handy with the new twins, Randy and Travis. As for the three wolves t-shirt, I know in my heart it was the power of the wolves that saved Crystal that day so I hung it over the kitchen sink as a curtain so it can protect our family.

h/t Wallstreetjackass

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Get My Health Care From GOD!

This might explain the south's and various areas around the countries motivation to disrail health care for the rest of us. I see a situation where the Baptist Convention see a cash cow threatened with extiction. They buy insurance at a wholesale price and sell it at retail and it could involve billions. They are certainly not above doing so based on their other political positions. These people, Baptist Convention, hold great sway with many southern politicians.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't forget I still have the ....

generator for sale!

Sony Apologizes To Nigeria...

Nigeria demands apology from Sony for commercial suggesting they’re a source of internet scams (Consumerist) Sony has agreed to settle for $1 million, but first Nigeria must e-mail its national bank account information so Sony can complete the transfer.

Monday, September 21, 2009

MR. Blunt Is Politically...


Palin Seeks Stockholders Approval For CEO Job

I view her speaking engagement in Hong Kong as an opportunity for major stockholders (bond holders, you know debt) in United States Inc. to get an up close look and decide for themselves her ability to manage this corporation they have so heavily invested in.

Is she capable, up to the task, committed to protecting their investment? Or just a Glenn Beck in a dress?

If I had the money invested they do, I would certainly want some face time with a potential CEO and because they must trust the America electorate with the choice of who is CEO once Barack is done, they are just protecting their investment.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Tell Pays Off For All

I posted this in early July. It's an intended consequence. Wall Street steals billions and gives us the ability to keep our own money.

Wall Street is always looking for a new stream of cash and they will simply sell the health insurance companies down the river to get it.

Hell Yes! Look, we have been financially flatlined for the past twenty years and when it comes to personal income it is easy for me to see that they need access to more cash to heal their credit default swap wounds. Money freed up by reducing Americans health care costs would in many ways give them access to more cash and would provide for the continuing penchant of the publics hope of greater returns on Wall Street. The clue provided by Chuck (Charles) Schumer is the tell.

The economy will take recover once this happens and we will awake to a different economic landscape.

Reported in "The Hill" Last week.

The health care reform bill that emerges from Congress this year will include a government-run public health insurance option, regardless of the bipartisan negotiations seeking a compromise in the Senate, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Sunday. "Make no mistake about it, the president is for this strongly. There will be a public option in the final bill," Schumer said on CBS News's "Face the Nation

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lets stop calling it insurance!

Health care has nothing to do with insurance.

Health care is something that is administered by caring individuals to someone, a person who is ailing, and cannot take care of the problem themselves. This is just ridiculous!

I brush my teeth, take asparin, put on a band aid and many thngs without the assistance of anyone.

Cancer, heart problems, briken legs require the assistance of others and rightly so.

Insurance is something I BUY to insure that if my house burns down and the insurance company can get enough homeowners to pay every month and pay out less than they take in they win and so do I. Thats insurance.

Everybody at some time in their life requires health care assistance and it is not a viable nor succesful business model.

When are we going to get honest with ourselves?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ghizuz Died Fer Ar sins

"Jesus died for our sins".

Taken to it's logical conclusion, this statement allows those that blindly believe to behave like the cloud guy has their ass covered as far as sinning is concerned. Do whatever you want to, praise the lord and walk away. Hey! My sins are forgiven, he died on the cross for ME!

We are only human, what do you expect!

This might explain why all of these "Christians" seem to show up most times as the folks most likely to bugger some cute co worker, Friends wife, prostitute and why their wives take them back as the failed humans they are.

BUT! With the attendance at the daily or weekly service at the church of their choice these people who truly believe in God cleanse themselves of these sins and start anew on another week of Christian value based living.

Who Took Joe Wilson's Picture???

Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how?

Asking the Albert Brooks question.

So here's what I don't understand. If Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's speech Wednesday night was truly "spontaneous," as Wilson claims, and no one (including Wilson himself) could have anticipated it, how come there is a sharply focused and neatly centered picture of Wilson right at the moment he shouted "You lie!" when the outburst lasted less than a second? In the picture, Wilson's mouth is still open, apparently in the middle of his shouting "lie."

There are 535 members of Congress in attendance during the joint session, plus a few extras like Michelle Obama and Vicki Kennedy. Until last night, Wilson was just about the least well known member of Congress. Why did someone have a camera fixed and focused on him during Obama's speech? The picture in question has been variously credited to "Getty Images," "AFP" (Agence France-Presse) or "Chip Somodevilla." None of them are local press in South Carolina, which might have had a reason to pay particular attention to their local Congressman during the speech. I doubt local press photographers are allowed in the joint session of Congress during a Presidential speech anyway.

Think about it. If you were one of the (probably) dozen press photographers in the chamber last night, generally taking pictures of the Congressmen and Senators during the speech, and if you suddenly heard a two-word, one-second outburst coming from somewhere in the chamber, uttered by one of the 535 members of Congress (okay, one of the Republicans), there is no way you could take a (well focused and neatly centered) picture of the culprit during the second word of the outburst. Whoever took the picture must have anticipated the outburst.

This is the question that Albert Brooks asked about William Hurt in Broadcast News, which eventually ended the relationship between Hurt and Holly Hunter. I just don't see how the picture could be possible. How can you capture someone's "spontaneous" moment, when there are more than 535 other people around to pay attention to?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guilt by association

By that I mean, if you hang around with haters eventually some of the hate rubs off on you. The person who sent me this moved from northern New York 20 years ago. Over that time I have seen his views on life and other people not like him move to the far right and now someone who was middle of the road 20 years ago now is a hater, birther and any other "er" you can think of.

This is representative of most of the stupid and hateful stuff he sends me. There must be a huge undergound hate and disinformation flow and that fuels the fire we see on the surface.


From: boe@ibewlu380.com
To: boe@ibewlu380.com
Subject: FW: The Fire
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 08:04:29 -0500

Subject: FW: The Fire

In South Los Angeles , a 4 plex was destroyed by a fire.

A Nigerian family of six con artists lived on the first floor,
and all six died in the fire.

An Islamic group of seven welfare cheats, all illegally in the country from Kenya ,
lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire.

6 LA, Hispanic, Gang Banger, ex-cons,
lived on the 3rd floor and they too, died.

A lone, white couple lived on the top floor.
The couple survived the fire,

http://www.mwza.com/category/jeese-jackson/ http://www.law.berkeley.edu/3858.htm http://brandonabbott.wordpress.com/2007/12/15/videotape-shows-sharpton-cutting-a-deal/

Jesse Jackson, John Burris and Al Sharpton were furious.

They flew into LA, met with the fire chief, on camera. They loudly

demanded to know why the Blacks, Black Muslims and Hispanics all

died in the fire and only the white couple lived..?
The fire chief said, "They were at work."

No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG - www.avg.com
Version: 8.5.409 / Virus Database: 270.13.83/2353 - Release Date: 09/08/09 06:48:00

Get back to school stuff for them and cashback for you. Try Bing now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Government can't do what?

Health care seems like a breeze when you consider that the space shuttle just landed after meeting up with the space station somewhere out in space many miles from us. How is it that they have done so for years over and over and over again, run by a government agency, When you hire the best and brightest and allow them to do their jobs devoid of political influence, in the south no less, they have a track record that is only tarnished by the influence of chance.

I'm thinking that if we were to have NASA deal with health care we would not be disappointed.

You know I am really surprised that corporate America has not seized onto NASA as another way to suck from the government teet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Erosion stops when you stop the flow...

What the republicans are starting to notice, maybe, is that with every stupid and untrue on the face of it statement they make they are eroding their own base. Every night faux news and every day these unhinged from reality people say crazy things that do not appeal to the average American. By doing so every time they let the water of lies and slander run over the soil of truth and common sense they loose a few more voters. It is difficult to detect the erosion on a daily or monthly basis and it will manifest itself in the next election.

The republicans just do not envision themselves as being unpopular with most Americans because the hate they feel towards a black president blinds them from reality. Its really sad that so many southerners who have migrated from the north to the south for retirement have to see the worst come out of many politicians who seemed all so pleasent pre Obama display their bigotry and hate.

their I've said my peace for today.

Good night.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rupert's Shrinking Demographic

I just don't see Fox News as something that attracts more viewers. They do solidify the focus of those that really believe that what they say and do as pertinent and factual. These people are filled with hate about what is happening in their lives, loosing jobs, the thought of a black president, their country being inundated with illegal immigrant's taking their jobs away and believe that white is right.

Every day as people around the country watch and listen to the sensational and explosive things they report on I believe more than less think to themselves that, yes it's entertaining but they do not take Fox seriously as it pertains to their political and personal decisions.

I see the demographic of Fox New as getting more concentrated and refined to the genuinely stoopid and prejudice.

My point is that there will come a point where NBC and CBS will see declining viewers and let Fox News walk off into the wilderness habitated by the very southern and still fightin' the war folks rabid with whatever Fox broadcasts for them.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Has Barack Fired, Five or Six?

I actually believe that when our President discusses with those opposing health care reform Wednesday evening he'll draw a line in the sand. A line that will define his presidency.

He's going to frame the reform of health care as Christian, economically prosperous and something that a large percentage of Americans are in support of.

Think back to the vote on the Iraq war. Democratic members of congress were so afraid of voting no and what it would do to their careers they caved and in the end there were only a few that had the stones to vote their conscience.

A vote against reform is an opportunity for any senator or house member to get into a different line of work.

Friday, September 4, 2009

They are out of breath and crazy...

Here is my take on the health care reform (HCR). The White House has stood back and let the Senators and House members hold their town hall meetings in August and allowed the crazies to show their colors. Regardless of what motivated them, they are seen as foolish and uneducated about the value of reform.

Those promoting these folks with either money or misleading statements are tiring. Look, we as a nation have been trained to have a very short attention and discussion span. Eventually we move on to some other more attractive item and forget quickly about what we did last month. The money has been spent, the crazy town halls are over, the birthers and any other 'ers have told their tales of death, immigrants getting health care, between you and your doctor lies and the one thing about continually talking is you eventually run out of people who want to listen.

Well that is where we are right now. Obama is going to start a rational discussion regarding HCR and display his abilities that got him elected. The sides have been identified in this debate and the educated and rational will rule. Because crazy is not attractive. The guys a frakin genius!