Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guilt by association

By that I mean, if you hang around with haters eventually some of the hate rubs off on you. The person who sent me this moved from northern New York 20 years ago. Over that time I have seen his views on life and other people not like him move to the far right and now someone who was middle of the road 20 years ago now is a hater, birther and any other "er" you can think of.

This is representative of most of the stupid and hateful stuff he sends me. There must be a huge undergound hate and disinformation flow and that fuels the fire we see on the surface.


Subject: FW: The Fire
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 08:04:29 -0500

Subject: FW: The Fire

In South Los Angeles , a 4 plex was destroyed by a fire.

A Nigerian family of six con artists lived on the first floor,
and all six died in the fire.

An Islamic group of seven welfare cheats, all illegally in the country from Kenya ,
lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire.

6 LA, Hispanic, Gang Banger, ex-cons,
lived on the 3rd floor and they too, died.

A lone, white couple lived on the top floor.
The couple survived the fire,

Jesse Jackson, John Burris and Al Sharpton were furious.

They flew into LA, met with the fire chief, on camera. They loudly

demanded to know why the Blacks, Black Muslims and Hispanics all

died in the fire and only the white couple lived..?
The fire chief said, "They were at work."

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PCS said...

The USA is becoming "less white" and that scares the ignorant among us.