Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rupert's Shrinking Demographic

I just don't see Fox News as something that attracts more viewers. They do solidify the focus of those that really believe that what they say and do as pertinent and factual. These people are filled with hate about what is happening in their lives, loosing jobs, the thought of a black president, their country being inundated with illegal immigrant's taking their jobs away and believe that white is right.

Every day as people around the country watch and listen to the sensational and explosive things they report on I believe more than less think to themselves that, yes it's entertaining but they do not take Fox seriously as it pertains to their political and personal decisions.

I see the demographic of Fox New as getting more concentrated and refined to the genuinely stoopid and prejudice.

My point is that there will come a point where NBC and CBS will see declining viewers and let Fox News walk off into the wilderness habitated by the very southern and still fightin' the war folks rabid with whatever Fox broadcasts for them.

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P M Prescott said...

Who have thought that Rush would still have the following all these years. It doesn't take much support if corporation money keeps them in business.
The other thing is that Fox entertainment may be separate and is not filled with the craziness of the news division, but it pays the bills.