Monday, September 7, 2009

Has Barack Fired, Five or Six?

I actually believe that when our President discusses with those opposing health care reform Wednesday evening he'll draw a line in the sand. A line that will define his presidency.

He's going to frame the reform of health care as Christian, economically prosperous and something that a large percentage of Americans are in support of.

Think back to the vote on the Iraq war. Democratic members of congress were so afraid of voting no and what it would do to their careers they caved and in the end there were only a few that had the stones to vote their conscience.

A vote against reform is an opportunity for any senator or house member to get into a different line of work.


Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

Obama wasn't elected to the US Senate until 2004, well after the Iraq War was underway.

Russ said...

thanks for pointing out my error. mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa