Thursday, September 10, 2009

Erosion stops when you stop the flow...

What the republicans are starting to notice, maybe, is that with every stupid and untrue on the face of it statement they make they are eroding their own base. Every night faux news and every day these unhinged from reality people say crazy things that do not appeal to the average American. By doing so every time they let the water of lies and slander run over the soil of truth and common sense they loose a few more voters. It is difficult to detect the erosion on a daily or monthly basis and it will manifest itself in the next election.

The republicans just do not envision themselves as being unpopular with most Americans because the hate they feel towards a black president blinds them from reality. Its really sad that so many southerners who have migrated from the north to the south for retirement have to see the worst come out of many politicians who seemed all so pleasent pre Obama display their bigotry and hate.

their I've said my peace for today.

Good night.

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