Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ghizuz Died Fer Ar sins

"Jesus died for our sins".

Taken to it's logical conclusion, this statement allows those that blindly believe to behave like the cloud guy has their ass covered as far as sinning is concerned. Do whatever you want to, praise the lord and walk away. Hey! My sins are forgiven, he died on the cross for ME!

We are only human, what do you expect!

This might explain why all of these "Christians" seem to show up most times as the folks most likely to bugger some cute co worker, Friends wife, prostitute and why their wives take them back as the failed humans they are.

BUT! With the attendance at the daily or weekly service at the church of their choice these people who truly believe in God cleanse themselves of these sins and start anew on another week of Christian value based living.

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One Fly said...

Good post Russ and funny as well!