Friday, September 11, 2009

Government can't do what?

Health care seems like a breeze when you consider that the space shuttle just landed after meeting up with the space station somewhere out in space many miles from us. How is it that they have done so for years over and over and over again, run by a government agency, When you hire the best and brightest and allow them to do their jobs devoid of political influence, in the south no less, they have a track record that is only tarnished by the influence of chance.

I'm thinking that if we were to have NASA deal with health care we would not be disappointed.

You know I am really surprised that corporate America has not seized onto NASA as another way to suck from the government teet.


P M Prescott said...

Don't give them any ideas.

PCS said...

Don't you know that the space station and all the shuttle trips are actually just "staged"? We never went to the moon.