Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crashed! That's What The Hard Drive Did!

Posting from work and I'm gonna be out awhile. Can visit from work but we are busy and don't have much time for teh blog...see ya in a week.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

God Please...Let's Not Go With Torturegate

Well I think we had better get busy coming up with a name for the ensuing Chinese firedrill that this torture thing turning into, and fast before the networks do. I'll host the party and keep track of suggestions. But we better hurry up because it's snowballing.

How about? "Boardwater" or "Iamdickcheneyandgoddamitidontcareifyoukillembutgetmeaconnectionbetweenthatguysadddamandwhatshisnamebinladenandfast"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

WWhaatt? What's Right?

what we have going on here is America doing what is right environmentally and competing with countries who are seeking to attain the same level of economic prosperity without having to abide by the same rules which American companies must conform to.

And why should we? Well most of the world's business people are seeking ever larger profits and if the environment suffers, so be it.

We cannot compete with those that have the ability to do things with no regard for the health of our world. This is what is going on.

So the only solution is to constrict their economies by enlisting tariffs and whatever hurdles we can to deny them access to our economy.

They will continue to destroy the environment and it is up to us to set the agenda when it comes to living and working without destroying our one and only planet.

How we do this is now open for discussion...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Political Value Of The Slam Dunk...

In my opinion the path to prosecution of those responsible for torture will be both a long and well thought out plan by the Obama administration and used to produce the greatest political benefit. I see this whole thing in and out of the news from now through next fall.

Then it will be used to frame the next election and allow Barack to add seats to both the congress and the house. The building of support will be beyond the pale by then and if health care reform is not successful then it just adds to the Republicans problems.

The Republicans have loaded Barack's gun with one lethal bullet and he's going to have them dead in the sight before he fires.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heat On Their Asses!

I just commented over here about this torture thing and I believe that the reason Dick (and he is) Cheney has been so prolific and talkative lately is because he and GWB have cost many wealthy people alot of money in their actions and decisions while in office and our now worried that these people are out for revenge. Sucks being them and the consequences that might(MIGHT) ensue. They ravaged this country with no regard for the future like young kids in the night taking mom's car assuming that just because their parents (Nixon & HWB) owned the car they would not care or notice and when the accident happened they would plead that they were doing what they had seen their parents doand assume it was OK.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I believe that Barack is letting this whole thing play out so that there is a ground swell and in the end he has no choice but to deal with it. In the end he will claim that there was overwhelming national support for prosecution of those involved. He's dealt a hand every day and he must play the cards he's dealt. If he hits the inside straight he'll go for prosecution of those involved with much popular support

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drives Me Crazy

Here I am watching the final round of the golf from the Player's Championship and Johnny Miller comments that Henrik Stenson, the leader is a very spiritual guy. What I don't understand is what does that matter, he's just a good golfer. The cloud guy has nothing to do with his win yet many people want to ascribe the clouds guy's participation in his ability to concentrate and accomplish what today at noon he hoped to do. I wonder what Tiger has done to piss God off!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


If you have not found blogs like these on your own and appreciate the highest level of profound and prescient comments on what life gives us, you need to go:





Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Man! It's Cold Out Here


Monday, May 4, 2009

This Really F#@$ing Makes Me Mad

I moved from here to assist my mother in her daily tasks and have now started to assist her with paying her bills every month and I came across two payment books which total $214.00 a month. When I asked my mother she said that they were premiums for health insurance and prescriptions and AARP said that she would get additional health insurance money to pay for hospital stays and any operations or tests that might be required by her doctor. The prescription benefit is supposed to be lower prices for the drugs she takes. Well I questioned both of these payments and I have found the dark side of AARP. Preying on seniors make the minority party look like Mother Theresa compared to AARP. This is a deep, deep subject and we as bloggers need to spread the word when it comes to these (God dam'it I would rate these people below child molesters) people. Here is a woman 83 years old who believes that AARP has her best interest at heart and I don't know and according to AARP can't find out unless I get power of attorney from my mother. We all need to get to work and expose this fraud for what is is, playing on the elderly for nothing more than their fear of not getting the medical attention they need to live. Sad.

Many have been paying for years.

I am so disappointed in AARP. I am 75 year old woman.I have also a Medicare card. In 1997 I thouht I need a Supplement Insurance from AARP - insured by United Health Care - I trusted them.
They raise the Premiums every year, now I have to pay every month
$ 212.77 even though pay very little or not even a cent.
I also have a AARP Medicare R/X Plan for my Medication,insured by
United Health Care,I pay every month $39.40 but they pay so little, or
nothing at all. I think, they are ripping off the Elderly.
They are raking Billiones Dollars every year.

see what these guy have to say.