Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heat On Their Asses!

I just commented over here about this torture thing and I believe that the reason Dick (and he is) Cheney has been so prolific and talkative lately is because he and GWB have cost many wealthy people alot of money in their actions and decisions while in office and our now worried that these people are out for revenge. Sucks being them and the consequences that might(MIGHT) ensue. They ravaged this country with no regard for the future like young kids in the night taking mom's car assuming that just because their parents (Nixon & HWB) owned the car they would not care or notice and when the accident happened they would plead that they were doing what they had seen their parents doand assume it was OK.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I believe that Barack is letting this whole thing play out so that there is a ground swell and in the end he has no choice but to deal with it. In the end he will claim that there was overwhelming national support for prosecution of those involved. He's dealt a hand every day and he must play the cards he's dealt. If he hits the inside straight he'll go for prosecution of those involved with much popular support


alantru said...

I hope he does. Those guys are criminals and douch bags. But I just don't think Barrack will do it. There's political risk and politcal suicide.

(I hope I'm wrong on this, by the way.)

FYI: For two years I was this guy, railing away at George and Dick.

One Fly said...

Hope you're right russ but it needs to happen now.