Saturday, May 16, 2009

WWhaatt? What's Right?

what we have going on here is America doing what is right environmentally and competing with countries who are seeking to attain the same level of economic prosperity without having to abide by the same rules which American companies must conform to.

And why should we? Well most of the world's business people are seeking ever larger profits and if the environment suffers, so be it.

We cannot compete with those that have the ability to do things with no regard for the health of our world. This is what is going on.

So the only solution is to constrict their economies by enlisting tariffs and whatever hurdles we can to deny them access to our economy.

They will continue to destroy the environment and it is up to us to set the agenda when it comes to living and working without destroying our one and only planet.

How we do this is now open for discussion...

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Jim @ said...

The economy can be a challenging topic of discussion, especially with the way things are currently. I'd say as consumers we should be factoring this kind of thing into our purchasing decisions, i.e. supporting the companies that adhere to the things that are important to us - like protecting the environment.