Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drives Me Crazy

Here I am watching the final round of the golf from the Player's Championship and Johnny Miller comments that Henrik Stenson, the leader is a very spiritual guy. What I don't understand is what does that matter, he's just a good golfer. The cloud guy has nothing to do with his win yet many people want to ascribe the clouds guy's participation in his ability to concentrate and accomplish what today at noon he hoped to do. I wonder what Tiger has done to piss God off!


P M Prescott said...

I think the same way. Leave God out of it.

alantru said...


Seriously though. Yeah, I don't get that.

Hah! But then again, I'm also not sure what golf has to do with naked titties and big naked boobs... Where is it you golf? And will I ever see this on hi-def snark?


Russ said...

I think David Feherty needs a lesson in snark pixilated to uber levels. He might be interned to def in black and white, or maybe in the end a test pattern. Search further down in the joke post and let us all know if Natalie is using graphite shafts. H'mm graphite shaft? Just sounds, or reads sexual.