Friday, September 25, 2009

We don't need no stooopid census

I'm not sure that it will have a real impact on the current US census, although it might, is that this penchant of these people on the right who are incapable of getting their small uneducated and suspicious minds around. is that the unintended consequence of their actions railing against completing the census forms will further lead them out into a wilderness of under representation in Washington.

They are so enraged by the hate rising from deep in their psyche and which they seem to have no control over, Is it racist, frustration over losing an election or just a display of people who are unemployed and mad at the world.

Well I think it is that they are mad at " their world " and they must be ready to join a long line of people who are mad at " our world " and what they are finding out is that protesting will have as much effect on the outcome as those they waited behind in line.

We are all members of this planets social. political and monetary communities and at some point we will all arrive at the door that separates us from those that control us and we will all be yelling to " break down that door ".

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