Monday, November 9, 2009

Stuff we baby boomer car folks forgot

For all of you young'ns out there this is pretty simple. Not to disparage anyone, but back in the day b4 right side mirrors having a disclaimer on them that read, "objects in mirror might be closer than you think" there were actual plain glass mirrors that depicted real images to you on your starboard side. This the one of two that existed. The West Coast Mirror. If you had something you towed and were creative you could extend the aluminum tubing out as far as you wanted to see around what ever you were towing. Then came the plastic tow mirrors and you know I never saw this coming, but the manufacturer's have no idea how many people could make use of these today. No wonder they are struggling. You put 10,000 pounds behind a 1/2 ton pickup and to not have an adequate view of what happening behind and this creates a dangerous situation waiting to happen What is strange is that the more we progress and shed items of the past the value of some of these items is clearly evident and their re-introducion would be beneficial.


One Fly said...

I remember-the battle of the side mirrors. Is that your picture?

What we do said...

no, google's