Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sale Of Brain Cells In Washington Continues

This is bad, very bad for our country. The Republican party has a problem with intelligence and it is getting worse. I know that getting elected is expensive, but selling brain cells is not something I thought was even possible and it looks like these valuable cells must bring a high price on the human organ black market. These guys and gals better be careful about how far down they draw the number of brain cells they started life with, because as anyone knows, very stupid is not something to be played with. Oh, they'll be taken care of as their mental capacity declines because they have health care that is only available to them at rates you and I would dream of and they'll get their retirement money from the socialist government they railed against. With all of their now long lost mental abilities gone and sit by the window looking out at the grass growing, without a care in the world. They will be taken care of by those of us who value life, our brothers and sisters and those in our country who are less fortunate and even though their condition was self imposed, still they won't be put before any death panel and left to die in the wilderness. Because those of us who did not sell our brain cells for cash still have the ability to reason...

Don't worry John, we got your back.

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