Friday, October 2, 2009

This guy is genius! Every day he wakes up and does his job and speaks in complete sentences, does what he believes to be right and all along the way he leaves small pieces of bread that the republicans pick up and follow the trail of hate, bigotry, and their devotion to see him fail is stronger than their Patriotism.

He has played them so far like no one I have ever seen in politics. They go on Fox and as they are digesting the bait fed to them by our President, they show all of the country their shortcomings as both Americans and politicians.

The problem I see for them is that they have no leader other than themselves as a group, they are more like the lemmings being led over a cliff, only motivated by their hatred of a black president who is a Democrat, who's only focus is to keep following the trail of bread crumbs and at some point when they find themselves at the bottom of a cliff all bloodied and stunned by what has happened will they realize they have been played.

And find themselves here

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