Monday, October 26, 2009

Laws Are How We Roll HCR Soon To Be Law

The passage of a public option is important because it codifies the ability of our government to be involved in providing health care.

Precedent set.

Just imagine the amendments that might occur to the law over the next 4 years to get to single payer and provide all of us with what we want today.

All good things take time.

These amendments will be voted on and passed just like that new bridge or new rail station going up in your town that was passed late on a November night when the people in Washington were anxious to get home for the holidays.

Oh! I,m sure that they will speed a few things up that play to the voters and maybe provide health care for some of those without to insure reelection but the majority of the long term benefits will occur over the next 4 years insuring a Democratic majority for years.

Genius I'm tellin' you. He's good, hell he's great!

Now all we do is make sure public option gets voted into law.

He's taken that knife out of his back, yeah that knife, and sharpened the point so it goes in painlessly.

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