Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Thing I Will Not Be Getting

Here is the thing.

I'm still holding out hope that we get a really good health care bill passed but I have started to come to the conclusion that I not going to get as much as I wanted. The reality is that you do not turn an aircraft carrier on a dime and the long slow turn that might end up heading the ship in the direction I want might take awhile, years actually, and I'm OK with that.

What upsets me most is that like Alan Grayson says, "people are dying every day due to lack of health care services".

So the insurance companies wear me down emotionally and make me accept less than I hoped for and so it goes.

The only person I can count on is me. Not that there are not many who feel like I do but over time they are at the mercy of their emotions and circumstances.

This would be an appropriate time for me to say lets all get together and pray but but it would much more productive to...

watch this!

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One Fly said...

old chevy's are hard to beat.

health bill is not looking good at all