Friday, October 30, 2009

Bomb Dropped On Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's the deal. (added 10/31/09 This is what I hope happens I guess a reality bomb went of near me today)

The current HCR (health care reform) bill is so lousy and expensive so watch the roll out over the next four weeks as to just how much it will cost all of those who have no insurance and it's mandatory sanctions.

This is far from over, Barack is going to make the insurance companies spend so much money fighting the inevitable HCR that we all want he will win.

Remember the current process is not of his doing and is what another branch of government has proposed.

He only asked the legislative branch to come up with a solution to deal with HCR.

He is going to drop the hammer around turkey day and when families are getting together around Thanksgiving and Christmas and no doubt the subject of HCR will be bantered about and the mandated expense of buying insurance causes people to think about the money they must send to insurance companies to be able for themselves, their children or parents to see a doctor manifests the reality bomb of goes off.

Aces over eights!

Single payer here we come!

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