Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here we go!

As I have said earlier. The proposal will be that those without health insurance must get them some. The only place that they see that happening is from our present providers, you know the guy's who heart the big profits and like they are going to give the uninsured a break because they all of a sudden grew a heart. Not happenin'.

So let's move forward, oh this HCR is far from over, and when masses get the news that they must buy health insurance or be fined so as to lower the cost to those that do...

Tee time please.

There is going to be a tsunami of all of the folks who teabagged and birthered and god knows what else and railed and rallied against Obama will be begging him to provide them a single payer system to save them from having to send the insurance companies a check every month, less they go to jail for non payment.

Ther was a time in America when you got your paycheck and cashed it and at the end of the year you settled up with the government for the money you owed in taxes and when the government found that the majority of the people had spent the money on other things decided that we'll just collect it from your employer before they pay you. Has the bell of success rung yet. Health care for all is not that far away.

Granted we'll pay more in taxes but it's a question off all in and all done. Everybody pays! Is it socialism? No! It is a tax just like the gas tax that pays for the highways you drive on and any number of things that we use on a daily basis.

Barack has done a great job!

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One Fly said...

I'm not sure who's done what here but this is far from being over.

And I do not want Obama to fail.