Friday, October 9, 2009

What's Going In My World

The downturn in the economy has produced many changes in America and around the world and due to it's deepness will expose itself in many way in the months and years to come. The issue I am addressing is how you as a consumer will be effected as you leave your house and, having made the decision to buy car, be it used or new.

Consider the atmosphere a year ago as sales of automobiles decreased at many if not all automotive retailer by 50% and more. Hell some are not even here any more. Yet I have have not heard or read of the plight of the salespeople who given the choice and many times not of choosing another profession have left the business.

Money talks.

Many of these salespeople who had great aspirations of being the next Jackie Cooper had their hopes dashed by the downturn and found different jobs.

So who are the people left convincing you to step up and make the payment for your new ride? The dedicated men and woman who have built a reputation based upon honesty, straight forward conversations and concern for your next purchase from them and have a carburetor for a heart.

Many of us love this business and this is all we know. Looks i am sure that as with any group there are bad apples who get all of the attention when they do something sly and underhanded and in most cases are guilty of outright lies.

The fact is we as a group would not survive were it not for our connection both personally and professionally to our customers.

Nothing is 100% in life and we might get into a squabble over warranty issues, but you must understand that it is not our money paying for your blown motor at 60,001 miles or in the case of some 100,001. It is the manufacturers money being spent and they are just insurance companies, guarding their dollars.

So who is going to greet you when you walk into a dealership next week or next year.

The guys and gals who weathered the storm and made a living regardless of how bad it got. We have customers, those that come back with their children and cousins and friends and walk in and ask us what do you think because we are still here in this economic nightmare because we have cars in our blood and its all we know.

The thing you must understand is that is a business and profit is part of the equation.

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