Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone Has Decided We Can't Handle The Truth

Oh please MR. whoever in owned our corporate owned media world for sheltering the truth of what actually happens when you drink and drive. It's all about the PSA's with some policeman puffing out their chest on the teevee and "telling" us what they will do to Americans who drink and drive. Look at how we are protecting you is their message.

How about approaching it from a different angle and show the truth of what happens and let "us" decide. Oh No can't let that happen because then we loose some of our power over you asshat drivers who without our ability to "tell" you how fast to drive, not drive drunk, with bald tires etc. would kill yourselves at rates associated with nuclear bombing sites. We would also loose some of our power over you and go back to the days when policemen and policewomen were about protect and serve and that is so boring. They enjoy the power angle, only human nature.

Now look at these 2 ads and tell which one does better job of convincing you to not drink and drive.

Guess which one is not on American teevee?

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