Sunday, December 27, 2009

It is not how long you live, but how broad

Many years ago, 1975 to be correct I met a man who lived across the alley from me in Taos, NM and spent many a day talking with him and discussing life's trivial's and just today I walk into a Mexican restaurant in Williston,Vt. and I see a poster or print, I am not sure, of his hanging over the fryolator and ask the owner why they would subject a piece of art to such cruel duty and be just a point of interest and he tells me that he bought it at a local frame shop and just hung it up because it looked good. It reveals to me how quick someone's specter in society fades. Here is a man who drew some beautiful prints and it ends up as a point of interest over a fryolator in an abscure Mexican food joint in a state 1600 miles from his home. Did not know him well, but knew him back then in the day and spent many an afternoon drinking brandy and beer at his casa just across the alley in Taos from Mike O'Conner's house, another friend of mine.

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