Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, It's of my chest!!!!

I want start out by saying that my comparison between Barack Obama and Tiger Woods is not based upon their ethnicity but on their impact on their professions.

Tiger comes onto the PGA scene and slowly and methodically assumes the role of the worlds number one ranked golfer. Does so without making a big deal about it, yet picks his sponsors carefully and predictably. Nike, Buick, and others who are the ones who offered large sums of money to be associated with the rising star. Tiger gave these sponsors the benefit of someone who just played his golf, did interviews about his golf performance and equipment and not much if any interviews regarding anything else. He is very professional and understands what his job is. He has accepted money from these sponsors and says or does nothing to jeopardize the sponsors or his credibility as the best golfer in the world.

Barack Obama works to get a good education and moves to Chicago and finds work as an educator and starts slowly and methodically to help those around him in the community to make things and life better for those less fortunate as a community organizer. He continues on to the Illinois legislature with the same goal and when opportunity presents itself, he uses those same values to run for president. All the time focused on his goal of making life better for those that elected him. Focused like a laser on election and speaking and letting his actions as a family man and a legislator do the talking. He very guarded and careful for many years as to what he says and realizes and does in today's video camera everywhere environment and any video or audio missteps ability to come back and bite you in the ass. He understands what Tiger does that keeping your mouth shut about statements and actions of others and just do your job and go home makes his life easier to manage and does not embarrass his sponsors. He's only interested in getting in front of the camera when he has something of value to add to whatever the debate is. He is a professional at what he does and it shows. But like any golfer he can pick the wrong club for the shot or not hit it in the sweet spot yet he is willing to admit he made a mistake.

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