Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is It To Soon To Declare Victory?

I posted this a month ago.

The President has been dealt four aces and everyone is playing like they have the best hand in the game. Only one problem, Barack has been dealt four aces.

No concrete plan, just a goal.
Many paid, but not employees of the medical industrial complex (MIC) oppose single payer.
Stop gap measures are trial ballooned.
POTUS broadly addresses reducing cost of health care.
Republicans say no to single payer.
Americans are polled and poll shows growing support for single payer.
(R)'s say no.
Socialism is mentioned many time on teevee.
(R)'s do their best to earn their pay by trying to scare the public.
Obama says that maybe single payer isn't the answer and suggests he'll consider all options.
Those on the left start to think that Barack has sold them out to insurance lobby.
Yada, yada, yada.
Growing concern by electorate fuels email and phone messages to congress in favor of single payer.
New poll shows Americans would vote for single payer, even if it means higher taxes.
(R)'s still running with the scare them ball.
Barack still has those four aces.
Lieberman shills for insurance lobby (nothing new).
Lindsay Graham is seen saying something about socialism on teevee (nothing new).
Mitt Romney says something stupid and meaningless.
GWB says that he would have changed health care system but forgot about it and then he was out of office.
John Stewart makes fools of everyone not in favor of single payer.
Labor Day deadline is fast approaching.
House passes bill for single payer.
Senate votes a week later and many pundits say votes are not there for single payer.

Barack lays down four aces.

Barack goes on national teevee and tells American public that they have an obligation to vote out of office anyone who votes nay on single payer (in so many words).
Barack accepts many interviews by many news organizations about his statements on throwing the bastards who shill for the insurance companies out of office.
Congressional phone lines are jammed and email servers blow up from inability to handle 300,000,000 emails in favor of single payer.
(R)'s finally realize he has been dealt four aces and whine, whine, whine and shrink further into a small campground in Alabama for the winter and hunker down and plan the reconstruction of their party.

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