Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maybe We Are Selfish?

All of the endless coverage of Michael Jackson's death to us as Americans seems redundant and boring. But to those around the world who only get one or two channels on their televisions and sporadically with an unreliable electric grid yearning for any news of a man who appealed to millions around the world and who took more of a message in the words of his music than the notes continues a tradition of glorification for someone who was just a rock star.It actually brings the world closer together by a mutual sadness in our communal loss.

No wonder many come to our country at considerable risk for what we offer. For as much as we complain about lack of freedoms we have much more than many around the world.

When Desmond Tutu passes. A man known around the world deserving of at least a fraction of the after death coverage will most likely be accoladed with more than a mention on the crawl on most networks. Or maybe a 3 minute mention on the nightly news.

So even thought we complain about the hours and hours of Michael, Michael, Michael. It does serve a purpose to those that are not American.

We could do worse and we have.

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alantru said...

Nice post. So true about Desmond Tutu.

Personally, Michael Jackson meant nothing to me.