Friday, July 24, 2009

Arrogant Policeman and Arrogant Professor Nobody Wins

Arrogant professor locked out of house and does what any homeowner would do and figures out a way to somehow get into his house.

Passerby who does not know guy with cane, or maybe does and has issues with homeowner, calls police to report what could be construed as a break in.

Police arrive, enter house unannounced and startle homeowner who questions their presence and person in charge resents being questioned by the homeowner about what is going on. Homeowner resents police presence in his house not knowing passerby called police.

Tempers rise when arrogant policeman resents arrogant homeowner questioning his presence and it goes downhill from there.

National press see racism and report their opinion. No reporters on scene, no interviews of those that accompanied officer in charge so the facts of what happened are left to fall by the wayside and now everyone in the national press get to write their own amazing "story" which is now fictional mostly and yet sprinkled with as few facts as needed to make it interesting.

Enter POTUS comments and things really take off.

And you know the rest...

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