Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes I'm Shilling For Ford Motor Company

One thing that makes me qualified to comment on the auto industry is that over the last 25 years I have sold Chrysler, Chevrolet, Toyota and now Ford cars and trucks. I'm a very observant person by nature and have paid attention to each manufacturers actions whilst I sold their products. And all of them have been guilty of arrogance at some point in their past and of taking the American buyers loyalty for granted.

Things changed for the worse with the sale of Chrysler to Mercedes Benz of Germany and has gotten worse since their subsequent sale to an investment group, Cerebus. I believe that Fiat MIGHT be able to revive the company but let's discuss that in a year or two.

Chevrolet's inclusion in the corporate structure of General Motors has been on the slope to failure for years and I'm not sure that without a real leader running the company that they have the ability to make it.

No company can make it without the leadership that motivates, has the trust of all employees and has respect in the business community.

Ford's mistakes are just as equal to the other two over the years and has dragged then down in market share over the past. But, with the arrival of a new CEO, Allan Mullaly, this is someone who possesses the abilities I have mentioned and his record since becoming Ford's leader bears out my opinion.

It is an exciting time to be affiliated with them and I hope that the following video allows you to see what I see. The difference between any one of these companies is public perception and Ford get's it. This video is neither flashy nor concerned with shots of racing cars, yet lays out a plan for what I believe is a company that has the potential to grow into America's best hope for a successful auto manufacturer.

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