Monday, June 15, 2009

Concentrated Hate And Violence

What we are witnessing in our country is the result of those few people who buy into the hate and misinformation agenda promoted by not only politicians, but also certain media outlets that rely on these unthinkers for votes and money. As they become more isolated by their political and religious opinions and feel and think that someone is out to change their lives they will be like corn mash distilled into grain alcohol. Easily ignited into action against those perceived as being the problem, whatever it might be and they will react in irrational ways that you and I would never consider. Recent actions by these people are just the beginning.

The only solution is a ratcheting down of the poor loser attitude on the right on our television sets, newsprint and internet (like that's gonna happen). So expect it to get worse and more violent. It really saddens me that there are people who put their zeal for control and power ahead of the good of our country. What are your thought?


One Fly said...

I think we're ruled by a consortium of evil powerful people who dictate how things will be done in congress.

alantru said...

I think you said it pretty damn well.