Tuesday, June 9, 2009

steveherbln Is A Coward and a Shill

The other day I posted about GM's Zero % financing that they are able to offer because of the money they are getting from you and me. Ford cannot afford to match this offer for obvious reasons and
Mr. steveherbln comments on my post by pointing out that to many Fords have had a problem with unprovoked combustion several years ago. Yet when I wanted to go to his blog and view "his" posts I discovered that I cannot access his blog by clicking on his name or moniker. Seems like a shill or paid commenter doing what he is either paid for or just a stooppiidd and immature idiot who just likes screaming fire in the crowded theatre instead of making a point based on the facts.


P M Prescott said...

It's still not a level playing field whatever his lame excuse is.

Steveherb said...

Don't really care how your silly little bloggs on this website work. Website looks lame anyway. Especially when designed for little worms to hid behind words like Coward and shill. Not going to waste my time with you but to back up my claim about Ford here's the link your looking for. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2007/09/ford_fires_continue.html

If your so hurt by comments I suggest you remove them instead slandering them. If you still need to find out who I am. It's steveherbln@verizon.net From there you can hide behind your computer some more and call me names dum ass.

Steveherb said...

And if you'd bother to go to Comsumeraffairs.com and read all the stories about consumers that got Fucked by Ford you'd understand. It's not the vehicle its self. Its the corporation that gives everyone the middle finger and accepts no responsibility from their own actions. I've got no problem with helping people and warning them about Ford. I've got no problem letting anyone know who I am. Unlike you that has no contact info. and hides behind your panzy yellow background website electing yourself as educated. Where the Fuck do you get off slandering my name and then go into hiding. It was by bordem and luck I came across your posting. You could have easily done a search on my name and found several other websites posting the same comment. No. You must think you have some sort of little fan club reading your crap. It shows you just don't do any research. I bet you just copy and paste articles and shoot your mouth off as being knowlegdgeable. Again. What a Dum Ass!