Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teamwork And Leadership

Henry Ford II's choice of Alan Mullaly as CEO in 2006 was unnoticed by all of us, and rightly so. Ford was a shrinking automobile manufacturer with one cash cow, the Ford F-Series pickup. During the nineties the Ford Explorer ruled the world of SUV's, the Ford Focus sold nominally well and the rest of the lineup sold in paltry amounts and all had a large presence in the rental and fleet market. Rebates were immense and quality was average.

Enter this guy and his directive to all who work for Ford that whatever car or truck they were going to introduce to the world must be engineered and styled to be best in class for fuel economy, safety ratings, safety features and quality.. In the process I believe he unleashed a pent up desire in the engineers and designers who had been present for years, to show what they could do, after being held captive by the structure of a company that for to long accepted mediocrity.

The vehicles Ford has come out with since have met all of the goals he dictated and what we now see are the vehicles produced by what I believe are the most motivated and backed by management team in the car business today.

The cars and trucks this team has introduced since Mallaly's hire are the Focus, Fusion, Flex, F-150, Fusion Hybrid, and the soon to come Taurus, Transit Connect and Fiesta. All are world class and display what any company can do when come they together to form a team with a coach that sets goals and provides the leadership.

Go drive a Ford and see for yourself.


P M Prescott said...

I've looked at the Fusion and the new Mustang. Wow
I'm waiting to trade in my old clunker and a Hyundai for the Fusion. I've got an'07 Mustang and need a few more years before trading it in on the newer one.

One Fly said...
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One Fly said...

What's the middle one Russ and how much?

Russ said...

Good to hear from you guys, Onefly the Fiesta is on top about $14K, the van is the Transit Connect about $23K and the red one is the Taurus $30k.and I don't understand the removed comment, not something I did. whats up with that?