Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Rest of the the one below first

This is the second part of Bill Moyers Journal and probably the most prescient. When people go into the medical field to get rich is what has changed our country from one that is democratic and filled with people caring for one another on a very gut level and framed with complete honesty that not all of us are going to live a long life. We are complicated organisms and sometimes all of the cells and genes just do not align. We have been sold on the idea that our health care system can solve any problem it is presented with and this is just not so. Just like going out and buying a new golf club that is going to lower your score, it is just "selling the dream". Stuff happens and we have been led to the point of immaturity when it comes to dealing with death issues and after the "dream bubble" bursts we are left with the realites of life. Then we sue and blame others for what is really natures way. America needs to grow up and realize that we are extremly falible organisms fraught with all of the faults that occur in natures wild kingdom every second.

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