Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inside Baseball Move For Majority Of Americans

You know that we operate inside a small group of folks who are watching and commenting on the items we read and view here on the 'nets. Well, you will be relieved to know that the majority of our countrymen have tuned out to all of the birther, health care screamer stuff and are very busy taking care of family and their jobs.

The (r)'s are starting to operate in a vacuum.

The majority of Americans watch Fox news while waiting to get a car registration at DMV with the sound off waiting for the next big car chase and if a pertinent fact hit them in the head at the speed of light they would never notice.

Barack will ef'n handle it.

If I'm wrong?

I'll answer for my sins.

I truelly believe in "Hope and Change" and don't lose sight of what we voted for last fall.

He's not bought.
He's not stupid
He's not concerned about the polls.

He is concerned with what is right!

Right trumps might?

call me...

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