Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's Go See If We Have A Cheaper Model

Look, I sell cars for a living and there is a technique used throughout the car sales industry called, "go out there and take the car away from them", and it works.

You have a customer who is not sure if she/he has made their best deal asking for more and and unsure of exactly what to do, buy or walk. They just spent maybe an hour and a half selecting, driving, having the trade appraised,negotiating over the trade and trying to lower price of the new car, and are growing tired of the process. So they make one last ridiculous offer to test the waters and get the sales manager to, "fish or cut bait".

The salesperson goes to the sales manager and presents some ridiculous offer that gets laughed at and is told to go back to his desk and say...

"Maybe we should move to a less expensive car to lower the purchase price."

The customer only has two choices. Weigh going back out onto the lot and selecting and driving another car or staying focused on the original car.

So they leave the air conditioned showroom and walk out onto the lot and pick out their second choice and drive it, listen to the sales pitch all over again, and all the time thinking about the more expensive model that meets their needs and has now how increased in value compared to the cheaper model.

Original choice of car wins 80% of the time.

Works more often than not.

What Barack is doing is the same thing. We as voters picked the one with power windows and door locks, cruise control, Navigation System, all wheel drive,leather heated seats and the most powerful motor.

So we as voter have invested much time and effort in acquiring this ________________? [pick a car company ] car and and now he as the best evah salesman he is is taking it away and wants us to go back out onto the lot and select and think about an alternative model.

Frankly I'm sticking with my first choice. Somehow he'll find the money [votes] to pay for it.

Here how it ends


One Fly said...

We're going to get the one way in back with the three flat tires and broken windshield I think.

P M Prescott said...

The rabid right were getting all the headlines because they were most vocal, when he mentioned that he would drop the public option that brought those who were silent out of the woodwork to speak up. We're still getting screwed with the public option. What we need is a single payer system.