Friday, August 7, 2009

Crank It Up! The Stereo!

Look, we all voted for him because we saw someone who spoke truth to power and was honest with us. It is well documented that becoming president requires you to put on a straight jacket that inhibits one's ability to be completely truthful with the public. Certain things are held close to the chest to prevent others from seeing your cards so they can't go out and buy a deck of cards and select whatever cards from said deck to beat your hand. that is how the game is played in Washington, D.C..

So what Barack has done is he knows he hold 4 aces and his opponents can go out and purchase all of the cards they want, 4 aces is 4 aces. Oh! I'll add that he holds 4 blue cards, the original color dealt.

Here he is in Virginia and he getting ready to lay down his cards and when he gets done with these birthers, teabaggers, no gubmint health care folks, well he's going to "chop them off at the knees so fast they will believe they were born short". To quote an Illinois legislator.

I'll just say that it sucks to be them!



One Fly said...

It's time he started playing these cards Russ.

Russ said...

When the betting is done, he will.