Friday, March 6, 2009

Is This All You Got! No, I Got Hope!

There is certainly alot of bad news that we all encounter every day be it teevee, radio, newspaper and online that drags our thoughts of tomorrow down. We have been dealing with all of this stuff for many months and as every day goes by we become accustomed to the bad news and we start to think that it will never end. Well,it will and it might be tomorrow or next week or next month, but it will end someday and I for one am not going to let all of the bad things that many people did over the last 3 decades affect my belief in this countries abilities to again prosper. We will figure this out. And when it turns around and gets better we will be better a stronger country.

We have been lied to, robbed, watched our soldiers die, seen those responsible not yet been held accountable, had our wages suppressed for decades, taken our mothers from housewives to second income earners, been told to trust the and invest in Wall St. because that's where all the smart and rich people put their money and allowed ourselves to be content with news of Brittany instead of news of that requires additional study and thought.

Well, when it turns around I for one am going to be a different person. Money will take a back seat to personal responsibility and happiness. I am going to make do with less am be proud of it. I will look at those who adhere to lifestyles of the past as not only cheating themselves but as greedy individuals who are selfish and unwilling or unable to learn from the past. I see a day coming when personal responsibility and looking out for my fellow man will be the norm and not something viewed as odd or naive.

So watch as Hope goes from bad to good!


P M Prescott said...

If you can remember your great-grandparents who lived through the Great Depression, it left a lasting impact. They didn't squander money. They lived simple frugal lives because they remembered what it was to do without. We've been a little carefree and gullible, but that's about to change.

Russ said...

Oh, I agree and I read the other day that every economy needs rest and recesion and deppressions allow they economy to sleep. The sad thing is that the gov't did not own up to this recesion and compel the American public to admit that we were in recesion sooner. And they contibuted to the severity and pain of many of those they swore and avowed to protect.