Tuesday, March 10, 2009

182 MPH? WTF It's a Death Bike! Still Cool....

Remember years ago when Yamaha made the motor for the original Taurus SHO? Well it looks like the people over at Ford may have learned something years ago that will pay dividends in the future and they have a history of gleaning technology from partners[Volvo][Yamaha]. When Ford can engineer their EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that displaces around 2.5-liters and produces 260 hp and 300 lb.-ft. of torque, they must have paid attention to what their partners were doing because these are V8 numbers! The in line 4 cylinder engine offers a new dimension in linear throttle action. This is achieved through the cross plane crankshaft and the 90 degrees phase positioning of its four crank planes. The torque is solely produced from the engine combustion. However the total engine output produced or the composite torque is nothing but the torque produced by the engine combustion and inertial torque produced by the rotation of the crankshaft. Inertial is nothing but the combustion torque. Inertial torque is generated by the rotation of the crankshaft. Combustion torque can be operated by the operator through the throttle but inertial torque grows larger and proportional to the speed of the crankshaft rotation and thus prevents linear throttle action from being achieved. There is some out of phase reaction between these 2 torque patterns which should not happen. The motor needs smooth torque for smooth acceleration. This is achieved by this cross plane crankshaft by differing the adjacent crankshaft by 90 degrees. By this method inertial torque fluctuation is eliminated. I don't mean to get tech'y but this is really big advancement. No commercial automobile engines have offered this in line four cylinder cross plane crankshaft but maybe Ford will. Pretty simple:

So watch the KPH speedo on the left (digital) and I converted the speed to MPH and it is 182 MPH!! Oh! And watch how he bumps the Honda's back tire as they turn around as if to say " you're mine". Enjoy

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