Friday, March 27, 2009

8 Cars In A Week

I haven't sold eight cars in a week since last summer and it feels good, no! GREAT! I knew this economy would turn around. Even though I'm selling a different brand in a different town I'm glad I made the move. Actually it's my home town that I moved out of 28 years ago and it is comforting to be back. Did I tell ya' that I sold 8 cars this week? Oh, I did, anyways it feels good emotionally and I can use the money to get that new putter I have been eyeing on the E bay.

You know I believe as we look back on what has happened and all of the people who have had their lives uprooted and shaken like a milkshake filled with emotions, children, foreclosures, repoed autos, smaller 401K's and what ever you yourself can add. I believe this is the blood of patriot's that in today's terminology someone talked about. I see it as the bleeding that is produced mentally and emotionally that touching the ground and getting one's hands dirty metaphor that makes us grateful for what we have. Every body, be it human, economic or organic needs a time to rest and regroup and allow it to continue life.


One Fly said...

Good for you Russ. I think the demand for used cars will be going up.

P M Prescott said...

NY Times has an article today about bills that would give vouchers to those with older cars to help them buy newer ones. That's a pretty good stimulus for some, if they can get the credit. NO idea how long it will take to get the bills to pass and put into effect.