Monday, November 1, 2010

The Seasons Of Politics

Political seasons come almost in predictable order and sometimes the winters are cold and snowy full of ice storms at beginning and end when the ice (political ads) makes voters slip one way or another.

So goes the seasons of political seasons.

Every winter depending on your age and your sport (political affiliation) you pray for snow or none and every summer you hope to enjoy as much sun as you can stand in hope of getting the tan you desire and the weather to enjoy your sport of choosing and in the end your personal hopes have the same odds getting your way politically as you get with the weather. You compromise every day with the weather and you also compromise every day with your hopes politically.

It is going to rain and rain hard tomorrow in America but I was not looking for it to be 85 degrees and sunny here in the Adirondacks in November and if there was anyone who would give that forecast it would be a politician.