Thursday, November 18, 2010

DC Police Stand Down To Rising Gang Violence

The gang violence in the District of Columbia is at an all time high with the Red's and the Blue's fighting it out with political gang fights where the wounded and victorious seeking their safe havens in separate locations.

The Red's go to the studios of Fox News to suave their wounds and have a complete and sympathetic group of television people who cure their wounds with lies and deception along with the best political health care money can buy.

The Blue's slink away from their political battles on their own and are left on their own to heal their wounds in private residences of sympathetic and middle class families who do their best to make them whole and send them back into tomorrows battle.

What is odd is that is that there is a large group of people who have either average or less than average income rooting for the Red's to win when these same Reds have a history of attacking and injuring these same middle to low income people.

Maybe low income equates to winning lotteries and "hoping" for a better life or, hell I've not figured that one out. Any suggestions?

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