Saturday, August 28, 2010

I often forget how great he is, Coe's a classic

David Allen Coe

Now this one, I wish that Democrats had the desire to win like Dale did. Think back, I don't know if you folks watched alot of NASCAR in the 90's, but I did and this man would do whatever had to be done to win and there is a photo in the video [about 2:19] that shows his eyes focused on something and holy cow I can just tell you that whoever he was looking at paid a price for that stare. He was focused and his desire to win is something that NASCAR wishes they could bottle.

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One Fly said...

Got home with three laps to go-saw the crash-went out the door to fish. Came back 3-4 hours late and couldn't believe it. I was a Chevy man ya know and D was who I wanted to beat Petty's record. Quit watching after that. And no the dims are not going to fight. Looks like the whore beck pulled in big numbers today.