Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who's Responsible? BP Yes & Congress Yes

Pay attention and focus on just who is responsible. The oil companies were allowed to drill with the permits given by OUR government which is governed by our congress and our Presidents. All of the anger on YouTube,Facebook, numerous blogs are aimed at the wrong target responsible. Our government has not been governing, they have been fighting over who is in power and as long as this continues they will not have the ability to govern. We are passengers on a rudderless ship of state that has a captain who turns the ships wheel this way and that way at the behest of whoever has the most money in their hand at any moment in time and then the next day someone else shows a wad of cash and the wheel gets turned in another direction and we are now going around in circles with no plotted course. Tomorrow the wheel will get turned a little, maybe left, maybe right and the our elected representatives will go on to the next contributor and their wishes, wishes confirmed by their cash. I think the best thing we could do is elect our representatives by identifying cash as republican, democratic, or independent and the person who raises the most cash from any one group wins. The hell with voting, just PayPal your favorite as few dollars and hope he/she wins. Let's be honest! It's all about the money isn't it?

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One Fly said...

Great post Russ.

Talk is cheap and until this sumbitch is shut off all we got is cheap whored out talkers.

I am pissed but waiting!

Have golfed just 9 holes at my place. Hope to tomorrow.