Sunday, May 9, 2010

Politics as entertainment and the Jesters

What cable tevee has done is make our politics entertainment. Filling hours of teevee time, not news, with jesters who are more than happy to get in front of a camera and spout. They spout headlines every minute and the tv networks go thru cycles where in the end a natural event gets in the way of the jesters spewing their hate and bait on their way to the most outlandish and truthful or not headline. Headline meaning just the craziest words you could imagine on any subject. They get to the head of the pundit line very easily, lie,laugh at some one's downfall, misspeak [their favorite] and do what ever to get on the teevee machine. These people have no moral center nor do they have any cognisant agenda other than getting their face of the teevee machine. They heart the dollars that the teevee machine brings then and they sell their souls and credibility to get those dollars. These people are not qualified to be where they are in our government yet they get elected by pandering to peoples basic instincts and using their emotions as tools that ply the votes out of somewhat uneducated voters not aware of the power of Frank Luntz talking points. These are in my opinion are the jesters.

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