Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If this is Obama's Katrina...

Than he should just pull a Palin, well almost because she quit half way through.

We have all seen video of Obama's Katrina and it is not pretty, but as this map displays based upon the number off wells and pipelines in use in the gulf PowerBall is a better bet. While we were complaining about wars and tax cuts DICK, oh he surely is one, was drillin' and drillin'. You know I don't care anymore, when they impact my life I'll get upset but I've lost hope and I'm sure it won't get as bad as they say but dammit, can't anybody in our gov't pull together a minute amount of competency?

oil platforms

pipelines both damaged and currently in use

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One Fly said...

I'm hoping Russ but until this sumbitch is off there ain't much on my mind.