Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Do All The Immature Citizens Get On The News Shows

What I find as odd in my mind is, the baggers, birthers, ??????ers and the select members of congress who lie, misspeak, curry favor with those that provide an allowance [$] and have no problem saying anything on tv or be quoted in print that is 180 degrees from the opinions of the people who elected them to elected office. Look around and it affects local school boards, county officials, state representatives and goes all the way to the congress and the Presidency itself, current POTUS excepted.

It seems as though all of these people are living lives with adult bodies and grade school minds. Do the minimum do get your allowance, think of today as the most important day in their lives, give no thought about the future, and when reprimanded by the voters throw a hissy fit and seek revenge. Trip them as they walk, spread untrue and damaging rumors about them, lie when the truth would be a better [for the country] choice, tell people you don't like to "fuck off", refuse to acknowledge facts that disprove their own opinions [what the fuck does the old guy know] and act like any baby sitter's worst nightmare. These are the folks we trust with billions of our contributed dollars and the laws that govern our country.

When? When? Are we as a country going to...GROW UP!

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