Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back to a better time

Most of you if any do nto know that I ran a Chevrolet dealership for 11 years and I find myself due to circumstances selling Fords. Gotta pay the bills is how I view it. Yet, I have a deep love for Chevrolet, not so much GM but Chevy alot. You want to know why? Watch these. It really shows how we a a people identify with a brand and how emotional it can get. These are great ads, some of the best evah!


One Fly said...

We took an '04 extended cab ranger on this last trip and it performed well getting 20mpg on the road. The 4WD almost screwed us but think that was more of an air pressure issue.

I take these days back anytime. I'd like to build one last small block with maybe 4-500hp but that won't happen.

jeremy said...

Thanks for posting these. I don't look at a Chevy truck without thinking "like a rock." And I've owned 3 of them and I'll attest that a Chevy truck is the best truck in the road.