Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are just average

Think of the items we use every day and value that against the notion that we as a country do not manufacture anything anymore. Now, think of the items you use every day. Me:

mattress, get on at night and off in morning, U.S. made, to expensive to ship from China. Most likely the sheets and blanket and bedspread come from overseas.

coffee make, Kuerig single cup. USA
Toilet, Kohler-USA
sink, Kohler-USA
Lazy Boy, USA
TV, ?
batteries for remote, you know its not us
shower, shower head, China, piping to get water to me, USA
towel, depending on quality, anywhere
tootbrush, China
toothpaste, USA
razor, China
shave cream, USA
TP-Georgia Pacific
remote start for car, anywhere
Car, USA
road to work, duh
door to work, USA
glass in door at work, USA
cement floor I walk to get to my desk, USA and al it's ingrediants and topping(tile) USA
Desk, USA
work computer, anywhere
keyboard, anywhere
mouse, anywhere
mouse pad, anywhere
coffee mug, China
wall clock to check when it is time to go home, anywhere
paper in printer, USA
telephone to contact customers, anywhere
cars on lot to sell, Mexico, USA, Turkey and Canada.
pens to write order, duh!
printer to do paperwork, anywhere

and so it goes. my point is don't buy into the fallacy thatwe do not mfg stuff anymore, we do and we do as much and more than most countries and the small simple stuff thateasy to ship is made overseas ands the stuff that cost alot to ship, mattresses, plastic gas cans, trailers, windows, doors, shingles, bricks, boards, tires, metal anything, fences, is made here and alot of it. Oh and dangerous chemicals are definetly made here because they are very expensive to ship, wink wink Koch's!! so we are not unlike most countries around the world, we just have a very poor self impression of ourselves. Oh? some people like us like we are. I do not. Do u.

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